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Advantages Of Planting B&B Shrubs

Creating the perfect landscape requires careful consideration and planning. While there are a plethora of plants and shrubs to include in any yard, flowering shrubs seem to be among the ones that gardeners love best. They can add a splash of color to a landscape and make it interesting for those who may stop to look. These shrubs make excellent barriers and can add privacy to any area. 

The rhododendron is a popular flowering shrub because of its large flowers and pleasant smell. It has countless varieties and growing sizes from which to choose. As a flat-leaf evergreen, the rhododendron also provides showy blossoms from spring to early summer. It adores areas that get partial sun and are shielded from damaging wind.
The forsythia bush is by far the most commonly seen flowering shrub. This beloved shrub is an official floral herald of spring. Its golden, bell-shaped flowers are popular choice and are usually easy to maintain for most soils and types of sun exposures. It comes in dwarfed varieties or in variations that get as large as a small tree.

Using native shrubs is a wise decision for any landscape. These shrubs grow wild in the area in which a person lives and they are perfect to add to a garden. To find flowering shrubs that are indigenous to an area, homeowners may talk with a reputable local nursery or the county extension agency. Likewise, gardeners can get advice about shrubs that may not grow well in their area.

Theres flowering, native and evergreen shrubs to choose from to plant in your landscaping


Another choice shrub is the beautiful Rose of Sharon. These plants are commonly used for privacy because of their intense height. They create a strong barrier that can give a yard the seclusion that it needs. Willows are also grown to provide natural privacy fences and for their pleasing colors. These shrubs can grow as high as twenty feet tall. Because of their flaming-red hue, they can give year -round color that is needed when the cold of winter has most things in hibernation. 

The smoke tree, similar to that of the burning bush, is a great choice for any landscape. It gets its name because it looks like puffs of smoke when gazing from a distance. This hearty plant is a hearty plant and a great selection for full autumn colors. It has a vibrant red leave with a purple hint of color that eventually turns to a fiery orange. Who wouldn’t want this amazing shrub in their yard with all the vivacious colors?

The beauty of shrubs can be just what any garden needs

Of all of the varieties of flowering shrubs to choose, gardeners usually consider foliage and bloom color when mixing them with their gardening scheme. Evergreens are a popular option because they provide fresh green color throughout the seasons. These hearty bushes are able to take most climates and look beautiful anytime. The decision depends on one’s growing region, how much sun or shade is in an area, moisture, and soil conditions. Flowering shrubs easily create the backdrop for an exciting and successful lawn and garden.



Shrubs are an excellent addition to any landscaping scheme. They are great for using in smaller areas where you want to plant something nice that doesnt get very large. Shrubs also come in a variety of shapes, styles and bloom colors. The Burning Bush Shrub is a hedge shrub with a beautiful firey color in the Fall. Other shrubs favorites are the Blue Hydrnagea (snowball) shrubs, the Lemon Yellow Forsythia shrubs and the Crepe Myrtles.