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Bare Root Information

Wetland Plants, Perennials, Ground Covers, Ferns, Grasses & Live Stakes Ship Year Round

Every item in these categories ship out within 3 days after order is placed.


Shrubs and Trees Ship in the Dormant Season (September-April)

Our bare root shrubs and trees only ship during the dormant season. During the hot summer months, bare root trees and shrubs will not survive the shipping process. The dormant season (after the leaves fall off) for bare root shrubs and trees have a survival rate of at least 93% during transportation. To ensure a 100% shipping success rate, we pack an additional 4-8% extra (free of charge).

Bare Root Ferns, Perennials, Ground Covers, Native Plants, Wetland Plants, and Live Stakes are shipped YEAR ROUND since they are more resistant than Shrubs and Trees.


Planting your trees & shrubs during cooler months is ideal

The best time to plant trees and shrubs is during the dormant season. This minimizes plant shock during transplant. Allowing the plants time to begin growing before the season starts ensure the plants will possess less stress. To safely plant bare root plants make sure the temperature is above 31 degrees. Any temperature below 31 degrees will negatively affect the plants potential growth. When temperatures reach over 58 degrees, the plants will exit the dormant stage and begin to bud. Planting before the budding process guarantees better results.


Bare root trees and shrubs ship in the "Dormant" Season when the plants do not have blooms, foliage, or leaves.

The left image below shows how our bare root crepe myrtles look when shipped. As you can see, they are missing foliage, blooms, and leaves. If you plant these trees during its dormant season and while it's cooler outside, the right image is how your crepe myrtles can look once they are planted and cared for properly.


bareroot trees


Save money and buy your plants bare root!

If we save on shipping and overall product, so do you! Buying bare root plants, ferns, trees, and perennials is cheaper to ship. The bare root plants are not containerized, allowing for a lower cost. In addition, we ship our bare root plants either FedEx, UPS or US mail, which ever is most cost effective. In the end, you have the same plants at a considerable lower price.


Bare root shrubs are shipped during Dormant Season

The left image below is an example of how we ship our shrubs. Since we ship them during the dormant season, they will be missing any leaves and blooms. The packaged shrubs have their roots dipped in terra sorb gel and are lined with moisture rich peat moss. The right side image below shows how your mature plant will look the following spring. Buying your plants bare root allows you to save more money while receiving the same product as those in containers.


bareroot shrubs


We Ship To Ensure Total Protection

To ensure healthy plants during transporting we dig them a single day before shipment. We dig to order! Our process is simple: once we receive your order, we dig your order, deliver them to the shipping warehouse where the roots are dipped in Terra-sorb (moisture gel) and lined with peat moss. However, in warmer months to keep the plants cool, we ship them with straw, wrap them in heavy plastic, and containerize them in corrugated pressure protectent cardboard boxes. Finally, we band and tape every box to avoid damage during shipping.


What is Terra-Sorb?
Terra Sorb is an extremely absorbant potassium based co-polymer gel. This gel raises the water holding capacity of the soil. Terra Sorb absorbs up to 200 times its weight in water and slowly releases to neighboring plants. Shipping plants with their roots dipped in Terra Sorb creates a healthy shipping environment by slowly watering the roots, preventing dry, damaged soil.


Bare Root Berry Plants Shipped during Dormant Season
The bare root berry plant image below to the left side shows how they are shipped. They are shipped during the plants dormant stage (no leaves, no berries, no blooms). Always remember to plant the bare root berry plants as soon as you receive them to ensure top quality growth and production by spring time (as shown below on the right side).





We Prepare our Bare Root Stock in the Fields

Quality is our top priority. That's why we take extra steps in preserving our healthy stock. Our process is the most effective way to ensure a healthy stock arrives at your doorstep. We take large tubs of Terra Sorb to the fields, dig up your fresh plants, immediately dip the roots in Terra-Sorb, and directly deliver them to the shipping warehouse for packaging. Other nurseries dig up their plants and stick the bare root plants in a cooler until time to process and ship. Beware of this practice because nurseries who skip this effective yet time consuming process damages the plants permanently.

A View of our Ground Cover Plants before Shipping

The image to the left is how your ground cover plants look at the time of shipment. Plant your ground cover roots upon arrival and the picture below on the right is how your beautiful plants will look the following spring.



A View of our Grass Plugs before Shipping

Grass Plugs are impossible to identify in colder months due to the tops being gone. Since we grow these in large fields next to other species of grasses and carex, identifying the proper grass plugs requested is difficult. Therefore, we wait until the warmer months to ship any grass plugs.




How to Preserve Bare Root Plants Until You Can Plant Them

-Trees and Shrubs Includes Berry Plants, Native Plants, and Fruit Plants

Upon arrival, open them immediately and remove any plastic from the plants (excluding the roots).

As always, it's ideal to plant Bare Root Shrubs and Trees within 1-2 days of arrival, but there are other alternatives if you are unable to plant them. Follow these simple instructions to ensure your plants survival: store your plants in a cool, moist area like a garage or basement, stand the plants upright, and leave the plastic surrounding the root system on, and make sure to water the roots multiple times a day. Once you are able to plant, please soak the roots, put water in the hole to add extra moisture to the deeper part, and water once again after your finish planting. After about 4-5 days, water thouroughly again. Also, we advise you to use a fertilizer in the Fall so by Spring time your plants will to ready to grow wild!


-Ground Covers, Perennials, and Ferns

A maintained temperature of 38-42 degrees for storing groundcovers, perennials, and ferns is recommended. This temperature puts them in a dormant stage. Even some nurseries store their plants this way year round. If you have a small order, place your plants while in the bags in a refigerator drawer, preferably the bottom section or crisper drawer. If you have a larger order, placing them in a basement, garage or cellar will suffice (just remove from the bags and cover with potting soil while lightly misting them with water every few days).

-Lives Stakes and Wetland Plants

If you have a pond, large trough, or lake, simply put the roots only in water. They can last there for a few days until you have time to plant. However, if you do not have a large area of water available, you can use any type of container filled with water. Please make sure to maintain fresh water or else it will grow algea or become stagnant, leaving your water unhealthy. To ensure a happy and healthy plant, rinse out old water and refill every couple days.


Seeds must remain dry. Simply store them in a dry area or refrigerator until planting. It's best to check with your local USDA for ideal storage specifications for different seeds. Particular zones and climates have specific ways to store your seeds.


A View of Perennials before Shipment

The image below to the left are dormant perennials at the time of shipping. Once you plant your perennials and spring time has come, they will look like the image on the right.




Every Bare Root Stock is Freshly Dug to Order

When you place your order, we immediately dig the perennials, deliver them to our shipping warehouse, spray them with wiltproof, and dip the roots in terra sorb gel. Since the wiltproof and terra sorb gel are transparent, it won't be visible. However, feeling the bulb you will notice how soft and moisture rich your plants are. For shipping, we wrap the roots or place in plastic zip lock bags for the short shipping period of 3-4 days. The plastic actually seals in the moisture needed for the long commute and the added peat moss aids in the retention of moisture.


A View of our Ferns at Time of Shipment

Just like our perennials, our bare root ferns are freshly dug, delivered to the shipping warehouse, sprayed with wiltproof, and roots dipping in terra sorb gel.  Our extra shipping care and packaging ensures you receive your plants like you dug them yourself.



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