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Product Description

Crossvine –  Bignonia Capreolata

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USDA Climate Zone: 6 to 9
Shrub Height: 30 to 50 Feet tall
Shrub Width: 2 to 10 Feet wide
Soil Type: Prefers Dry, Moist, Well- drained acidic or calcareous soils
Sun: Prefers Full Sun and Part Shade

Scientific Name:  Bignonia Capreolata

Crossvine is a climbing, woody vine reaching 50 feet long with showy, orange-red, trumpet shaped flowers 2 inches long and 1 ?« inches across which hang in clusters two to five. They are sometimes seen hanging high in a tree, as the vine climbs as means of tendrils. Claws at the end of its tendrils allow Crossvine to cling to stone, bricks and fences without support. Persistent, glossy, semi-evergreen, leaves change from dark green in summer to reddish-purple in winter.

The beauty of the Crossvine

The Crossvine also known as the Bignonia Capreolata. The name is derived when the stem is cut and a cross shaped look is revealed. The Crossvine is native to the central and southern parts of the United States. The vines clime in a non-twisting fashion unlike other vines, and grows tiny tendrils.
The blooms it produces are long tube like flowers that are commonly red and yellow. They produce a prominent fragrance that is very pleasant. The leaves are dark green to almost purple which produce tendrils as well. Not only can the Crossvine grow very high but can also spread very wide. 
Also when cut, the membrane presents a sweet taste. They are actually used as part of the recipe in beer made by the folks of the Carolinas. It is also used for a diet drink and medicinal purposes. The Cherokee Indians introduced it’s medicinal properties. 
In summary, the Crossvine is a beautiful flowering vine with a pleasant aroma that has many recipe uses.

Other Details

Botanical Name:
Bignonia Capreolata
Hardiness Zone:
6 , 7 , 8 , 9
Mature Height:
60 ft
Mature Width:
30 ft
Growth Per Year:
5-6 ft
Light Requirement:
Full Sun , Partial Shade
Soil Requirement:

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