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  • Pinus teada - Loblolly Pine
    $9.99 Choose Options Loblolly Pine
    Loblolly Pine - Pinue Taeda   Buy Loblolly Pine at Trees-Plants. The Loblolly Pine is a very rapid growing tree. This tree will provide you with lots of shade for your lawn. This pine tree can grow to be as high as...
  • American Boxwood
    $11.99 American Boxwood
    This boxwood makes a lovely foundation hedge, and can also hold its own center stage as a specimen shrub. Group in threes for accent anywhere in the yard, or plant them at the corners of your home for emphasis. This Boxwood...
  • Black Pine
    $9.99 Choose Options Black Pine
      This evergreen is known as a large coniferous tree because it can reach massive heights of up to 180 feet. The bark is a grey-black which in time and with age can peel off. The needles are thin and slender and can...
  • Ligustrum - California Privit
    $9.99 Choose Options California Privit
    This is a bushy deciduous, sometimes semi-evergreen shrub most often used for shrub borders and hedging. Leaves are rich dark green on top and yellowish green on bottom, elliptic-ovate to elliptic-oblong, 1 to 2 1/2 inches...
  • Common Hardy Privit
    $9.99 Choose Options Common Hardy Privit
    The privit has small fragrant flowers and one of its best features is that it is a very reliable evergreen shrub. It is a very competitive plant and needs to be kept in control. It can grow up to a height of 12 feet which...
  • Buxus Sempervirens 'Suffruticosa' - Dwarf English Boxwood
    $11.99 Dwarf English Boxwood
    This type of boxwood is a lovely boxwood that can thrive almost anywhere. The Dwarf English Boxwood is a very dense shrub, full of greenery and can be trimmed to any shape or size. This boxwood only reaches heights of about...
  • Eastern Red Cedar
    $9.99 Choose Options Eastern Red Cedar
        The red cedar is a small evergreen that commonly grows to a height of 10-50 feet. Its name is misleading since it is a juniper and not a cedar. Its range is from Nova Scotia to northern Florida, and west to...
  • Pinus Strobus - Eastern White Pine
    $9.99 Choose Options Eastern White Pine
        This pine is the tallest native conifer in eastern North America. Pinus strobus is the state tree of Maine and Michigan and is the Ontario arboreal emblem. Unique identifying markers are the tree's branching...
  • Buxus - English Boxwood
    $11.99 English Boxwood 6-12"
    The English Boxwood would make a great addition to your lawn. This hedge can also be shaped into any shape that you desire to add decor and beautify your lawn or landscape. This hedge will grow to be 2 to 4 feet high when...
  • Golden Ligustrum
    $9.99 Choose Options Golden Ligustrum
    Golden Ligustrum   The Golden Lingustrum is a perennial privet shrub which is popular as a hedge. It has also been used in privacy screen plantings and to accentuate residential landscapes. It derives its scientific...
  • Green Mtn Boxwood
    $11.99 Green Mtn Boxwood
    The Green Mountain Boxwood will bring brilliance to your lawn. You can use this hedge to line your sidewalk or driveway. It will grow to be around 5 to 6 feet high when fully grown. It will also grow to be around 3 feet wide...
  • Green Velvet Boxwood 6-12"
    $11.99 Green Velvet Boxwood 6-12"
    This shrub is a lovely shrub that can make any walkway, driveway or flower bed look good. The Green Velvet Boxwood makes for lovely hedges and shrubs as a decorative accent or a centerpiece and can be cut, trimmed or styled...
  • Ligustrum Privet
    $9.99 Choose Options Ligustrum Privet
    Ligustrum Privet   Ligustrum Privet is the most common of all the Ligustrum genus and is sometimes referred to as a “common privet shrubs.” Other varieties of Ligustrum are Golden, Amur, Japanese and...
  • Loblolly Pine
    $9.99 Choose Options Loblolly Pine
    Buy Loblolly Pine at Trees-plants. The Loblolly Pine is great to use as a quick landscape screen in many areas because of how fast growing it is. Loblolly Pine forests provide an excellent habitat for wildlife, including...
  • Pine Trees
    $9.99 Choose Options Pine Trees
    Pine Trees - A Highly Beneficial Tree   Pine trees are a diverse, highly beneficial type of Evergreen. These towering beauties can grow to 100' in height. Pine trees can add appeal to almost any landscape. Often...
  • White Pine
    $9.99 Choose Options Red Cedar Tree
      Otherwise known as the eastern red cedar and can be found to have many uses. The Red Cedar is used for windbreaks and to help aid in soil erosion. It has a fruit that blooms in early spring which the birds and...
  • Short Leaf Pine
    $9.99 Choose Options Short Leaf Pine
      This tree has pinecones that resemble the scales on a hedgehog. Once planted this tree is hard to get rid of because it can re-stem or re-grow from its root if damaged due to humans or fire. Many wildlife creatures...
  • Southern Yellow Pine
    $9.99 Choose Options Southern Yellow Pine
      This tree will make a stately tree for your lawn.  This magnificent tree can grow to be around 40 feet tall.  This tree loves to be in full sunlight and will do well in good drained soil conditions...
  • Spruce Pine
    $9.99 Choose Options Spruce Pine
    This pine tree is a lovely pine that many use for a border or hedge separating them from neighbors. The Spruce Pine can grow up to heights of 15 -20 feet. The Pine is a rapid grower and makes a great addition to any yard...
  • Virginia Pine (Pinus Virginiana) B&B
    $9.99 Choose Options Virginia Pine Tree
      The Virginia Pine is a must for anyone that likes to watch wood peckers. They love this pine tree because the wood is soft. This tree can grow to be around 50 to 80 feet when fully grown. It can also grow to be 20 to...

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Evergreens Are Year Round Beauty and are Great In Landscaping For Shade, Privacy and Lush Green Beauty

Evergreens are perfect to plant beside the borders of your property for privacy  or to keep busy street lights and traffic at bay. Theres lots of different varities you can buy to enhance your landscaping. From the leyland cypress trees, to the white pines, you can't go wrong planting evergreens in your landscape.

At Trees-Plants Nursery we have speciman evergreens at real wholesale grower direct prices. Our evergreens are not only good for wind barriers but also from blinds,hedges and noise reducers. We fresh dig our confiers and ship usually same day. We take pride in growing quality nursery stock and guarantee you a freshly dug plants and for it to be in excellent condition on arrival.


Whether your need evergreen trees for privacy, to stop winds from distruction or for the year round beauty, we have what you need at an affordable prices guaranteed

Pine trees often gives a homeowner what they need in landscaping. They are also excellent to grow for timber sales, restoration projects and planted alot by enviromentalist groups. These type trees and lush and stay green year round. They are the perfect solution to plant around pools, near highways or to keep privacy in your lawn where you need it the most.