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Fern Plants

USDA CERTIFIED Fern Plants: Grower Direct from Trees-Plants Nursery

Fern plants are shade lovers and most do not exceed 30 inches in height.

They look elegant when planted in shade gardens and do well near wetter areas in landscaping. They also make excellent border plants and look very exotic when planted near wooded areas along side fences and other type plants for shade. They border so well they are the #1 seller for natural area landscaping. Some of the more common ferns we sell are Ostrich, Christmas and Cinnamon ferns. 

  • Autumn Fern

    Autumn Fern

    DRYOPTERIS ERYTHROSORA, AUTUMN FERN    Autumn Fern is a more localized name for a plant known as Japanese shield fern. It is a non-flowering evergreen that is tolerant of heavy shade, acidic soil,...

  • Bracken Fern (Pteridium Aquilinum)

    Bracken Ferns

    PTERIDIUM AQUILINUM, BRACKEN FERN      The Bracken Fern can grow to over 3 ft. tall, and it is covered in small, triangle-shaped fronds which are made up of even tinier leaflets and micro...

  • Brake Fern

    Brake Fern

    PTERIDIUM AQUILINUM, BRAKE FERN      Brake Fern make great house plants Scientific Name: Pteris species, Brake Fern USDA Climate Zone: 8a - 11 Plant Height: 36 – 48 inches ...

  • Chain Ferns

    Chain Ferns

    WOODWARDIA AREOLATA, CHAIN FERN       Climate: USDA Zone’s 8 to 10Mature Height: 1 to 2 feet high with 4 to 8 inch wide frondsSun: Fully shaded to lightly shaded areas, can grow...

  • Christmas Fern

    Christmas Fern

    POLYSTICHUM ACROSTICHOIDES, CHRISTMAS FERN     As the name suggests, the Christmas Fern is an evergreen variety with fronds that stay green at Christmas. It ranges in height from 1 to 2 feet...

  • Cinnamon Fern

    Cinnamon Fern

    OSMUNDASTRUM CINNAMOMEUM, CINNAMON FERN     The Cinnamon Fern is a medium-size deciduous plant native to the US Southeast and Midwest. It prefers partial shade to dappled sunlight, providing...

  • Deer Ferns

    Deer Ferns

    BLECHNUM SPICANT, DEER FERN    Climate Zone: 3 to 9 Mature Height: 1 to 3 ft. Mature Width: 1 to 3 ft. Growth/Year: 1 to 3 ft. Sunlight: Prefers Full to Partial Shade...

  • Ebony Spleenwort Fern (Asplenium Platyneuron)

    Ebony Spleenwort Ferns

    Ebony Spleenwort Fern    The Ebony Spleenwort Fern is a North America native, commonly found east of the Rocky Mountains and in to South Africa. Its name is derived from its dark, reddish-brown, shiny stem and...

  • Fast Grow Planting Soil - 1 Gallon

    Fast Grow Planting Soil - 1 Gallon

    Fast grow planting soil enhances plant growth 45% plus provides lush full and vibrant blooms and makes the overall growth beautiful of all garden plants, trees and shrubs. Recommended Use 1 Gallon Per Each Tree or Shrub1...

  • Fiddlehead Ferns

    Fiddlehead Ferns

    MATTEUCCIA STRUTHIOPTERIS, FIDDLEHEAD FERN       Fiddlehead fern, also known as fiddlehead green, is the common name for a variety of ornamental ferns. Many in this charming species are...

  • Glade Ferns

    Glade Ferns

    DEPARIA ACROSTICHOIDES, GLADE FERN       A Glade Fern is a perennial whose leaves grow in clusters that ascend in size, measuring about 1.5 inches at the stem's base and 3.5 inches at...

  • Golden Fern

    Golden Fern

    PITYROGRAMMA AUSTROAMERICANA, GOLDEN FERN     The Golden Fern is a relatively large variation of the species having tropical origins. It is found in the subtropic and tropic areas of the...

  • Hay Scented Fern

    Hay Scented Fern

    DENNSTAEDTIA PUNCTILOBULA, HAY SCENTED FERN     Hay Scented Fern is the common name of an eastern North American native perennial fern. A non-flowering variety, it requires medium water and...

  • Hay Scented Ferns

    Hay Scented Ferns

    DENNSTAEDTIA PUNCTILOBULA, HAY SCENTED FERN   Scientific Name: Osmunda claytoniana L. USDA Climate Zones: USDA Zones 2-9 Tree Height: 2-3 feet on average; up to 6.0 feet at mature age Canopy Spread:...

  • Interrupted Fern

    Interrupted Fern

    OSMUNDA CLAYTONIANA, INTERRUPTED FERN       Interrupted Fern is thick, leafy addition to any garden! Scientific Name: Osmunda claytoniana L. USDA Climate Zones: USDA Zones 2-9 Tree...

  • Lady Fern

    Lady Fern

      ATHYRIUM FELIX-FEMINA, LADY FERN     The Lady Fern is an unusually attractive medium-sized rabbit-tolerant perennial. Like other ferns, this variety does not flower butt produces...

  • Leatherwood Ferns

    Leatherwood Ferns

    DRYOPTERIS MARGINALIS, LEATHERWOOD FERN       Climate Zone: 3 to 8   Mature Height: 1.5 to 2 ft.   Mature Width: 1.5 to 2 ft.   Growth/Year: 1.5...

  • Maidenhair Fern

    Maidenhair Fern

    ADIANTUM, MAIDENHAIR FERN    The Maidenhair Fern is a small non-flowering plant perfect for a shady hillside. It grows easily in average soil and spreads into large colonies after several years...

  • Maidenhair Ferns'

    Maidenhair Ferns'

    ADIANTUM, MAIDENHAIR FERN    The Maidenhair Fern makes up a genus of about 200 species of fern in the Vittarioideae subfamily of the family Pteridaceae. They prefer moist soils and rocks, and many...

  • Male Ferns

    Male Ferns

    DRYOPTERIS FILIX- MAS, MALE FERN     Climate Zone: 4 to 8 Mature Height: 2 to 5 ft. Mature Width: 2 to 5 ft. Growth/Year: 2 to 5 ft. Sunlight: Prefers Partial to...


Buy your Fern Plants from a reputable online nursery: Trees-Plants.

Your plants will be shipped bare root. See more information on bare root plants.

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