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Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are an amazing edition to any yard



Whether it is for the fresh floral bouquets that bloom, or the fragrant smell they release, fruiting trees are perfect for most landscapes. Many people look at these types of trees for their yards, not only because they are beautiful, but because of the enjoyable juicy fruit they produce. To buy fruit can be quite expensive in the stores, so growing it is the next best thing. Not to mention that growing fruit at home allows people to control what pesticides, if any, to use. 

The most popular fruiting tree is by far the apple tree. Apple trees are a part of American History, just remember, it was John Chapman, a.k.a. Johnny Appleseed, who toured America giving out apple seeds to encourage people to plant these trees. Apple pie is a classic America dessert. Wouldn't it be nice to create scrupulous apple pies just by going outside and picking a bushel?

The average apple tree will grow to be 22-25 ft. in height. It takes about 5-6 years for a tree to start bearing fruit, but some varieties may bear sooner. A juicy and delicious apple will impress friends and family when they are paying upwards of a dollar for one apple. These trees are relatively easy to take care of and can product up to 10 bushels once they mature. Making fresh cider and apple dumplings can be as simple as can be with your very own apple tree. They come in varieties from Granny Smith to McIntosh and numerous other varieties. To increase fruit production, plant two or more trees within 100 yards to have an even better harvest of apples. 

While apple may be king in America for fruiting trees, peaches certainly have a spot in most American's hearts as well



Peach trees are sweet and juicy and make fabulous desserts. There are a few varieties of peach trees, but the most popular would be the Georgia peach. These trees are self-pollinating and they too bear fruit in about 5-6 years. It’s important to plant these trees about 20 feet from other trees to allow ample room for them to grow. The peach trees are easy to maintain, the only problems with any fruiting trees are the bugs that love the fruits just as much humans. 

When planting a fruiting tree, make sure that the spot is properly prepared and there is no grass or weeds growing in that location. Make sure the soil is not to wet, the tree will need to be watered in once it is planted. Adding compost will add nutrients to the roots. Follow the plant depth indicator to know exactly how deep to put the roots into the soil. Planting fruiting trees is easy and not something that takes a professional to do. The best part about planting fruit trees is deciding which types of fruits to plant. From apricots to cherry and even the pears and plums, fruit trees are a must have for any beautiful landscape.


Fruit Trees are an excellent way to farm and harvest fruits to use in your cooking, canning and to enjoy in the raw edible form


Fruit trees are one of most gardener's
favorites. They are easy to grow, doesn't require a lot of care and talk about enjoyment from the fruits of your labor. Amish families live off their land and fruiting trees plays a 
big part of their lifestyles. The harvest the fruit and sell, make pies and jams and also use them to teach their children how to grow and live off the land.