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Huckleberry Bush


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Product Description

The Huckleberry is a member of the Vaccinium family and is a close cousin to the blueberry. It produces fruit that is typically red, blue, or black in color and humble in size, and its small, bell-shaped flowers bloom in April and May. The North American native can be ever green or deciduous, depending on its geographical location. 


The Huckleberry thrives in acidic soil levels and partial to full shade. Despite its preference to sheltered areas, it will produce more berries if daily exposure to sun is available. This fun plant can easily be incorporated into any garden and enjoyed all summer long.


Zone 3-9

Mature Height: 2-9 ft.

Mature Width:  8-10 ft.

Growth/Year: Less than 1 ft.

Sunlight: Partial to Full Shade

Soil Conditions: Adaptable to various Soils

Botanical Name: Vaccinium Caespitosum

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