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  • Hair Cap Moss

    Hair Cap Moss

    USDA Climate Zone: 3 - 9 Tree Height: up to 24 inches Canopy Spread:  up to 12 inches Soil Type: clay, sandy soil, well drained Sun: shade, but can tolerate small sun Hair Cap moss can grow in lots...

  • irish moss for sale

    Irish Moss

    Irish Moss – Sagina Subulata Climate Zone: 3 to 9 Mature Height: up to 20 cm Mature Width: up to 15 cm Sunlight: Prefers Full sun Soil Conditions: Prefers Moist Well-drained Soil Botanical Name: Sagina...

  • Moss Collection

    Moss Collection

            There are a number of plants you can purchase. One of the most common types of plants you can purchase is moss. With moss you are getting a unique form of plant that can help enhance places...

  • Peat Moss

    Peat Moss

          Beautiful, Versatile and Effective   Attractive, and versatile, Spagnum Moss is an invaluable and inexpensive resource for the grower. Whether growing with potted seeds, hanging baskets or...

  • reindeer moss for sale

    Reindeer Moss

    Reindeer Moss – Cladonia Rangifernia Climate Zone: 3 to 8 Mature Height: 1 to 4 inches Sunlight: Prefers Sun Soil Conditions: Prefers Moist Well-drained Soil Botanical Name: Cladonia Rangifernia   Reindeer...

  • Rock Cap Moss

    Rock Cap Moss

          Depending on location, and the type of garden or yard one has, Rock Cap Moss can transform the outer surrounding your home into a magically mystical place. The appearance value versus cost is a great...

  • Sheet Moss

    Sheet Moss

        Hypnum Moss, or Hypnum cupressiforme, is a common type of low-growing sheet moss and shade plant. It is popular choice for many gardeners and landscapers, because this plant is suitable for most hardiness...

  • Spagnum Moss

    Spagnum Moss

        Spagnum Moss is more well-known by many as its end use, peat moss. It grows in wet areas forming bogs and mires in a variety of areas from high rainfall and low temperatures, or poor drainage showing its...

  • Terrarium Garden Kit - Includes 6 live plants, live moss & soil

    Terrarium Garden Kit - Includes 6 live plants, live moss & soil

    TERRARIUM GARDEN We have included everything to make your own garden terrarium yourself. Whether larger or small, We have the stock to supply you with plants and mosses that will make your dream naturescape within the...

  • Terrarium Moss

    Terrarium Moss

        For those who love plant life, terrarium moss is an easy option.Not everyone has the chance to keep plants indoors because of space. Even if you don't have any pets in a terrarium, keeping a little bit of...

  • Topiary Moss

    Topiary Moss

        Many people settle with unsatisfying gardens because they don't have a green enough thumb. Or would love to grow their own topiaries but feel that it requires too much work. Growing the plant and maintaining...


Your plants will be shipped bare root. See more information on bare root plants.

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