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Perennial Plants


Perennials, Often called Wildflower will return every spring and unlike annuals, you dont have to replant them


Perennial Plants at Trees-Plants Nursery are always grade A quality and state certified. Our fern plants will be blooming age (mature) when shipped and sold at wholesale grower prices. Bare root perennials are very cost efficient and shipped fresh dug and delivered within 4-5 days after orders are placed. We ship our perennials out year round so you never have to worry about waiting until the next dormant season.

Whether your looking for native perennials, flowering or just pretty blooming flowers we have quality plants at grower prices. we look forward to serving your needs and providing you with quality flower at true discount wholesale grower prices.

Top selling perennial plants are the virginia blue bells, may apples and trilliums

These rare and exotic beauties will provide your garden with a burst of color unlike any other flower. They are very vibrant and do not require a lot of maintence. They often reproduce and can be taken up and broken apart to make more plants from the existing ones. Wildflower perennials also do not have to be dug up and replanted every spring and fall.