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  • Vinica Minor
    $4.98 Choose Options Periwinkle
      This is a lovely smelling plant that works very well in flower gardens and natural areas.  You will be delighted at the beautiful flowers that it will give you to enjoy.  This plant will add that special...
  • Bugle Weed (Ajuga)
    $4.98 Choose Options Ajuga
      This plant makes a great addition to any water garden or natural area because of the way it has lovely green flowers and can climb across the ground!  This plant makes a wonderful groundcover for those...
  • Alleghany Pachysandra
    $4.98 Choose Options Alleghany Pachysandra
        Pachysandra is a beautiful ground cover for, in particular, shade gardens. The plant typically thrives in wooded areas, and low light is therefore no issue for Pachysandra. While cultivated most often as a...
  • Bamboo
    $4.98 Choose Options Bamboo
      Bamboo is known for its beauty and versatility. The shoots can grow up to 15 feet tall or higher in some locations. This perennial or wetland plant grows in any soil. It needs little water to grow. The stalks can...
  • Beebalm
    $4.98 Choose Options Beebalm
      This plant looks lovely in a natural area. It will bring rich bright reds into your garden with its beautiful blooms.  The hummingbirds will love these flowers.  It can grow to be around 4 feet tall and can...
  • Beige Trillium
    $4.98 Choose Options Beige Trillium
    But Beige Trillium at Trees-Plants. The leaves of the flower can get as big as 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. To grow this plant you will need to make a good establishment for it in a rich loamy soil. The light however...
  • Black Eyed Susan For Sale
    $4.98 Choose Options Black Eyed Susan
      These flowers will grow to be around 1 to 2 feet tall.  They will grow great in full sunlight and will grow well in well drained soil conditions that remain moist.  The Black Eyed Susan will give you...
  • Blood Root
    $4.98 Choose Options Blood Root
      These great plants can grow to be around 6 inches high.  It does great in partially shaded areas and full shade.  This plant loves wet, moist soil conditions and would do great around bodies of water. ...
  • Blue Lobelia
    $4.98 Choose Options Blue Lobelia
    Buy Blue Lobelia at Trees-Plants. The plant can grow as high as 4 feet tall and have leaves that are up to 5 inches long and 2 inches wide. To grow one of these plants is fairly easy all you have to do is plant the bulb in a...
  • Buttercup
    $4.98 Choose Options Buttercup
    Buy Buttercup at Trees-Plants. This means it will grow back every year after establishing itself in the soil. The plant can grow as big as 3 feet tall with leaves up to 2 ?« inches long and narrow. To grow this plant...
  • Chicory
    $4.98 Choose Options Chicory
    Chicory is also known by its scientific name of Cichorium incubus. You may also know this by some other common names such as blue daisy, blue dandelion, horseweed, and even coffee weed. This plant was originally from the...
  • Common Milkweed
    $4.98 Choose Options Common Milkweed
    Buy Common Milkweed at Trees-Plants. The milkweed was used a long time ago with the Indians to cure diseases. The milkweed can grow up to 2 feet tall with a spread of 1 foot. The milkweed can grow its full maturity in one...
  • Creeping Mint
    $4.98 Choose Options Creeping Mint
      This plant would serve as a great ground cover.  It will grow to be only about 3 to 6 inches tall. This plant is good for shaded areas.  It is also not hard to get to grow and get established in your...
  • Daffodils For Sale
    $4.98 Choose Options Daffodils
      These are a great way to add that special life to your gardens.  This plant is very easy to take care of and will be beautiful when in bloom.  These usually bloom during the spring and are amazing when...
  • Taraxacum Officinale - Dandelion 5 Yr. Plant
    $4.98 Choose Options Dandelion
    Buy Dandelion at Trees-Plants. Has a bright yellow flower head. The dandelion can grow as big as 9 inches tall. The width of the plant can get as big as 1 foot. The dandelion can grow its full maturity in one year. The soil...
  • Sweet William (Phlox Divaricata)
    $4.98 Choose Options Dianthus
    This will make a great attraction to your gardens and lawn.  You will love the beautiful flowers that it will bloom during the spring and summer.  It has also been known to bloom on into the early fall months...
  • Doll Eye
    $4.98 Choose Options Doll Eye
      This flower  is like no other. It has been rated as one of the top 10 plants that are creepy and shouldn’t exist due to the blooms on this plant, when looked upon they look like that of a doll’s eyes...
  • Dutchmans Breeches
    $4.98 Choose Options Dutchmans Breeches
    But Dutchmans Breeches at Trees-Plants. The leaves can get as big as 6 inches across, which divides into 3 leaflets and that divides into 3 secondary leaflets. To grow this plant you will need to plant it into fertile loamy...
  • English Ivy
    $4.98 Choose Options English Ivy
    Buy English Ivy at Trees-Plants. English Ivy is a species of ivy native to most of Europe and Asia. It is labeled an invasive species in a number of areas where it has been introduced. It is an evergreen climbing plant,...
  • Foam Flowers
    $4.98 Choose Options Foam Flowers
      This is gorgeous with its heart shaped leaves.  It will give you a beautiful tall white stem of flowers to enjoy in a very moist location.  This is also a great plant to put around water sources such as...

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Perennial Plants


Perennials, Often called Wildflower will return every spring and unlike annuals, you dont have to replant them


Perennial Plants at Trees-Plants Nursery are always grade A quality and state certified. Our fern plants will be blooming age (mature) when shipped and sold at wholesale grower prices. Bare root perennials are very cost efficient and shipped fresh dug and delivered within 4-5 days after orders are placed. We ship our perennials out year round so you never have to worry about waiting until the next dormant season.

Whether your looking for native perennials, flowering or just pretty blooming flowers we have quality plants at grower prices. we look forward to serving your needs and providing you with quality flower at true discount wholesale grower prices.

Top selling perennial plants are the virginia blue bells, may apples and trilliums

These rare and exotic beauties will provide your garden with a burst of color unlike any other flower. They are very vibrant and do not require a lot of maintence. They often reproduce and can be taken up and broken apart to make more plants from the existing ones. Wildflower perennials also do not have to be dug up and replanted every spring and fall.