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Pine Trees


Product Description

Pine Trees - A Highly Beneficial Tree 

Pine trees are a diverse, highly beneficial type of Evergreen. These towering beauties can grow to 100' in height. Pine trees can add appeal to almost any landscape. Often hailed as a Christmas tree, pine trees can also be so much more. These Evergreens have many positive attributes for the environment and soul. Loblolly Pine, Spruce Pine and White Pine are among the most popular varieties of pine trees.

Loblolly Pine is the fastest growing among pine trees. They are adorned with dark green needles and paired cones that are 3 - 6" long. These trees are drought tolerant. AT 60 - 100 feet tall they can provide a wall around a property. Pine trees are often planted in clusters and grow in grouping in nature.

White Pine is ornamental with its lovely blue green needles. It makes an excellent windbreak. White Pine grow as a group and are very quick to grow. The needles stay "Evergreen". They transplant very well too.

Spruce Pine trees are the only pines that are shade tolerant. They are often used as Christmas trees.

ALl of these Evergreens have many useful properties. They provide a screen or windbreak, they serve as an air freshener, are fast growing, a good source of lumber and hold medicinal properties. The healing powers of pine include pine tea, pine oil and pine as an aroma therapy.

Pine trees are an excellent choice for any landscape. This gorgeous evergreen will add to the environment and be enjoyed by generations to come. 

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