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  • Burning Bush Shrubs

    Burning Bush Shrubs

      You will love to have this shrub on your lawn or in your gardens.  It will supply you with beautiful red leaves in the fall months and will bring color and beauty to any garden or lawn.  It will also be...

  • Pee Gee Hydrangea


    Blue Hydrangea 6-12" These are fantastic shrubs for gardens and natural areas.  They will produce beautiful blooms and will be different colors depending on the variety that you purchase.  Their blossoms will be...

  • Black chokeberry is a native shrub. This shrub is medium sized and easy to handle.

    Black Chokeberry

      These are great shrubs for any area on your lawn.  These also look great at the end of sidewalks or long driveways.  They will bring a special life to any area and you will think they are absolutely...

  • Yellow & White Honeysuckle Azalea

    Honeysuckle Azalea

    This Honeysuckle azalea prefers light sandy, medium loamy, and heavy clay soils. It also prefers acidic and very alkaline soils. It can grow in any type of light situations, from full sun to shady. It requires moist soil but...

  •  Nannyberry


    The nannyberry has buds that can bloom during the winter parts of the year. The nannyberry can grow as big as 15 feet tall with a 15 foot spread. The nannyberry can grow 3 or more feet in one year if properly taken care of...

  •  Red Chokeberry

    Red Chokeberry

    Hardy Planting Zones: 3-9 Mature Height: 6-10 ft. Width: 3-5 ft. Shape: Rounded Growth: Less Than 1 ft. Sunlight: Full to partial Sun Soil: Adaptable to many types of soils. Botanical name: Aronia...

  • Alnus Serrulata

    Alnus Serrulata

    Alnus Serrulata  HAZEL OR SMOOTH ALDERThe hazel alder is a large shrub or small tree plant. It is a favorite of North Americans when decorating their landscaping or fixing up their garden. The shrub takes around 10...

  • Amelanchier Arborea

    Amelanchier Arborea

    Amelanchier Arborea  The Amelanchier arborea, commonly known as the downy serviceberry, is an early-flowering, deciduous large shrub typically growing up to 25 feet tall in cultivation. Showy, fragrant white flowers...

  • Aronia Arbutifolia

    Aronia Arbutifolia

    Aronia Arbutifolia   RED CHOKEBERRY Aronia Arbutifolia or Red Chokeberry is one of the most popular shrubs and trees available because of its year round interest from flowers, berries and changing foliage. Best...

  • Arrowwood Viburnums

    Arrowwood Viburnums

    Arrowwood Viburnum  The Arrowwood Viburnum is a woody, multi-stemmed shrub. It blooms with creamy white flowers. The blooms mature to a bluish-black spherical fruit that attracts birds. Summer foliage is a dark...

  • Black chokeberry is a native shrub. This shrub is medium sized and easy to handle.

    Black Chokeberry

    The Black Chokeberry is a member of the well-known rose family. The black chokeberry can grow as big as 5 feet tall and 5 feet wide. The black chokeberry grows less than a foot each year. The plant requires full to partial...

  • Black Haw Viburnum

    Black Haw Viburnum

      This small shrub will bring life and color to your garden.  It will bring a purple colored leaf to your garden in the fall and will also bring beautiful white flowers during the summer and spring.  These...

  • Hydrangea Nikko - Blue Hydrangea

    Blue Hydrangea

    Climate Zone: 4-7 Mature Height:  4-6 ft Mature Width: 4-6 ft Sunlight:  Partial sun to full sun Soil Conditions: acidic, well drained soil or loam Botanical Name: Hydrangea Macrophylla Mopheads (Hydrangea...

  • Blue Wisteria

    Blue Wisteria

    Climate Zone: 4-9 Mature Height:  8-25 ft Sunlight:  Full sun to partial sun Soil Conditions: moist, well drained Botanical Name: Wisteria Seninsis The plant is native to Japan but grows very well in North America...

  • Burning Bush

    Burning Bush

    The foliage is a fiery red color which is what gives it the name of ƒ??burning bush.ƒ? The burning bush can grow as big as 8 feet with a spread of 8 feet when it is fully grown. The burning bush can grow as much as 2-3 feet...

  • The button bush is a wonderful small plant. This plant is known for its cute flowers that resemble buttons.

    Button Bush

    The Button bush is a very interesting shrub whose flowers look almost identical to buttons on a coat or sweater. The button bush can grow as high as 12 feet in its life cycle. The button bush can also grow to have a 15 foot...

  • Cornus Stolenifera

    Cornus Stolenifera

    Cornus Stolenifera  The Red Stem or Western Dogwood is an open shrub that reaches a mature height ranging from 3 or 4 feet to 12 or 15 feet – depending on variety. It is deciduous and produces creamy white flower...

  • Aralia Spinosa ???? Devil????s Walking Stick

    Devils Walking Stick

      This shrub got its name from having many thorns on the branches.  It is also called Hercules Club.  This shrub will look great around your home and also in gardens and a natural area.  It will also do...

  • Eounymus Alatus

    Eounymus Alatus

    Eounymus Alatus  The Euonymus Alatus plant is highly favored for the authentic appeal it gives to landscaping projects. Native to Northeastern Asia, it can also be found in the United States in the soils of...

  • Hearts-A-Bustin For Sale

    Euonymus Americana

    Euonymus Americana This perennial is also known as Burning Bush and Strawberry Bush.  The Hearts a bustin can grow to be a medium size shrub or a large shrub.   The Heart-A-Burstin will give you blooms that...


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