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Sweet Gum


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Product Description



The deciduous Sweet Gum tree is a native of the warmer regions of the U.S. and one of the more valuable hardwood forest trees in the southeast. Its five-pointed, star-like leaves make it recognizable, along with dense, spiked fruit. Its flowers bloom between March and May and last until well in to autumn.


The medium-sized Sweet Gum reaches a mature height of 35-50 feet in domestication, but in the wild they soar up to 120 feet with a trunk width of 2 to 3 feet. These sturdy trees are a great focal point in parks, school yards, and other public grounds. An impressive giant with a life span of up to 400 years.

Climate Zones: 5 to 9

Mature Height: 60 to 70 ft.

Mature Width: 40 to 50 ft.

Growth/Year: 1 to 2 ft.

Sunlight: Preferrs Full Sun.

Soil Conditions: Preferrs Acidic, Moist Soils.

Botanical Name:  Liquidambar Styraciflua

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