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16" Medium Wood Planter

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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

16" Medium Wood Planter

Wooden Stump Planters

Are you someone who prefers a more natural look to your gardening aesthetic? Are you tired of replacing old planters that get worn down or faded over time? Wooden stump planters may be the perfect solution for your gardening decor. They add an excellent decorative element to outdoor landscaping, including front lawn ornamentation and backyard floral displays.

If you have had a large tree removed from your property, you may already have a wooden stump naturally embedded in your lawn. You can create your wooden stump planter by merely sawing into the base of the tree stump, carefully measuring and carving out the dimensions of your desired planter. Since the tree has already been removed, there will be access to a lot of natural light for your plants to thrive. Provided that there is little shade, choose outdoor plants or flowers that are suitable for high light exposure such as pansies, coneflowers, or mums. Be sure to include a variety of tall, medium, and low-growing flowers for your planter. Also, consider a coordinating color scheme so that the flowers in your planter can genuinely pop. Your homemade tree stump planter will impress your neighbors and maybe even inspire others to craft similar creations out of existing tree stumps on their properties.

Perhaps you already have crafted your wooden stump planter, and you are searching for more to pair with it in your landscaping design. Maybe you’ve admired wooden stump planters on other lawns, and you are looking to implement this on your property. Commercially crafted large tree stump planters and smaller log planters are available for sale, and you don’t need to chop down a tree on your property to get them! In addition to being crafted from natural, sealed and finished wood, some of these planters are manufactured using synthetic materials that resemble a natural log or a tree stump, and they are made to endure all weather conditions and to withstand the test of time. So, regardless of your needs, wooden stump planters are available for those looking to try their hand out at this technique for impressive gardening design.
16" Medium Wood Planter is a must when it comes to creating a beautiful natural area. These are recycled trees that may have been damaged by high winds or storms and look great and very natural looking. They are hallowed out and also have excellent drainage so that the excess water can be released from around the plant's roots. They can be filled with rapid grow potting soils, and beautiful flowering plants and vines can be added to supply lots of color to all gardens. They are normally around sixteen inches and are available from this nursery. 16" Medium Wood Planter are very affordable and are shipped directly to the customer ready to use to create a beautiful landscaping item for gardens, porches or patios. 16" Medium Wood Planter are robust and durable, and these planters last for several years. They are used during the colder months for plants that grow during those months. Sizes may vary.

Perhaps you have this fantastic, yet spacious backyard area and are wondering what to do with your stump planters. Moreover, you could be wondering how useful they are when it comes to decorating your landscape. Well, even better, you could be thinking about planting a few plants or shrubs. However, since you may not like the idea of seeding them in the ground because you often change your mind, you can use a few wooden stump planters ideas. Create a Tree Stump Garden. A beautiful stump planter will beautify your garden. Consider incorporating a few ideas like creating a fabulous planter from a single tree stump.
Moreover, the plants can create a fantastic frame around your stump. Additionally, you can choose a different shade that will create foliage for your plants to thrive. Creating a Full Garden of Harvested Plants.