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18" Large Wood Planter

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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

18" Large Wood Planter

Large wooden planters are fantastic when used to decorate. They add an extraordinary look to porches, patios, and gardens and can also be used around pool areas. Stands can be added to these large planters by homeowners and gardeners, so they quickly move around. They are usually about eighteen inches and are cleaned out in the centers so that potting soil and plants can be added. They also provide drainage holes so extra water can be released from the plant's roots. These are available for purchase from this online plant nursery and are shipped right to the customer and are ready to use. They provide a good look and feel to gardens where they grow as they create from trees that may have been damaged by storms or high winds. The coloration on these planters may also vary which depends on the type of trees that are used to create them. Sizes may vary.

Additionally, you can use a tree stump with crafted Redwood of about 100 years old. When it is harvested, you can acquire one beautiful planter coupled with lovely cinnamon and red wooden tones. Besides, you can use a different option of wood like heavy duty resin that has a permeated color in it. This would perhaps be nice as an outdoor area piece. Moreover, this tree stump might go unnoticed by becoming a major focal point in your garden.

With a tree stump, you can create a beautiful arch garden decoration by adding height to the backyard area. Moreover, you can use it to straddle a path as well as divide different parts of the garden. Of course, arches come in different shapes with rustic designs alongside artificial structures.

You can consider installing your ornate iron pillar and plant climbers to disguise a relatively, old stump. Moreover, to achieve the best results, you can select plants that are not too vigorous especially if you would like for the pillar to remain visible.