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6-8" Small Wooden Stump Planter

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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

6-8" Small Wooden Stump Planter

Small wooden stump planters are a fantastic touch to all gardens, natural areas, porches or patios. They are also good to use when decorating for the holidays as silk flowers can be alternated in them to go with the holiday that is approaching. If they are being used for Christmas, they can have holly stems along with red and white flowers added and they bring lots of color to a table or centerpiece. These planters range from six to eight inches and are all different colors and shapes. They can be purchased from this nursery and shipped directly to the customer. They have the centers of the wood cleaned out and also supply with drainage in case real plants are added to them. They are durable enough so that potting soil can be added and small perennials and vines can be planted into them. They are fantastic looking when several are added to flower gardens and look very natural. Sizes may vary.


Wooden Stump Planters Make Excellent Flower Pots
Adding beauty to your garden or home requires more than researching the type of plants that you'll choose to buy. The containers the plants will be in can make a huge difference in how your garden, deck or porch looks. One of the most natural elements in nature is wood, and there's nothing more natural or better than purchasing a wooden stump planter for your plants. Wooden stump planters come in all different sizes, from ones that can hold one to two smaller plants to ones that can hold smaller patio trees. Wooden stump planters benefit your plants more than making them look pretty. As the natural wood decays, the nutrients that are sent from the wood will feed the soil and give back to your beautiful plants.


Wood has a natural ability to hold onto water better than many other types of pots. A simple plastic container for your plant isn't going to hold the water naturally as a wooden stump planter will. Because of this, less watering is often needed to keep your plants moist and happy. If you're using a genuinely natural stump planter, the more that you water the plants, the faster the wood is going to deteriorate and feed your plants in the process naturally. These planters can be added to virtually any landscape or home, such as in the middle of your garden, on your back porch or as a welcoming addition on your deck. Natural wooden stump planters are all unique in their own right, and no two are exactly alike. You can choose from maple, oak to white birch and you'll be amazed at the beauty that they can provide to your outdoor decor. If you'd like to preserve your wooden stump planter, you can coat it with polyurethane so that it does not decay and instead stays in its newer form. However, many people who purchase these planters keep them natural to provide a rustic appeal.