A Beginners Guide to Creating a Water Garden

5th Dec 2012

Creating a fantastic water garden can be a great experience for a beginner.  You should first sit down and decide what shape you would like your water garden to be.  You can purchase black plastic to make a particular shape or you can also purchase a prefabricated liner for your water garden.  As a beginner it is best to do a lot of research regarding installing water gardens before you begin your project.  You can also talk to someone at your local home and garden center with questions that you may have about creating a water garden.  You can let you imagination run wild with your water garden and make is absolutely beautiful.  Set you a budget once you get your design created.  Make a list of all the types of plants that you would like to incorporate into your water garden also.  A great place to purchase water plants is from an online plant nursery, they have ferns and phlox which work well.  You will get the best prices and can also purchase in bulk.  Once you have everything together it is time to start digging the hole.  You will need to outline the hole in the shape you want your water garden in.  This will make it easier to keep the shape that you desire for your water garden.  Once you have finished you can start preparing for installing the liner.  If you are using a prefabricated liner it may be a little bit easier to install than a black plastic one.  Once you have your liner installed your will need to start preparing it to be filled with water.  You will also need to read up on the plants that you have to make sure you plant them correctly around and in your water garden.