About Bare Root Plants

5th Dec 2012

At Tn Nursery we sell bare root trees, shrubs and plants to more landscape contractors, garden centers and Nurseries than you could ever imagine. We also allow consumer's to order from our Wholesale Plant Nursery with out a Nursery license. all we ask for is a minimum order of $99 to order wholesale.We are also certified to ship to ALL STATES . With our drastic discounts on large volume ordering, It's impossible to find a Licensed Certified Tree Farm with Specimen Stock any less than our large volume prices . We ship all plants from this category and all categories (except large B&B Trees) FedEx, UPS & Common Carrier on an "at cost" basis. The more you order, the cheaper freight is. Shipping is fast, usually within 3-5 days or if you'd like your order shipped at a later date put in comments section on order from when you'd like us to ship it and we will dig fresh and ship in time for your scheduled delivery date.Placing orders early for Spring is a must to guarantee availability or we may be sold out. We ship to all States in the United States and are certified to do so as well as 14 foreign countries. Anyone can order, all we ask is that you meet our $99 minimum order to get our prices.

Need To Increase a Homes Value To Sell or Increase Equity ? The Realtors Journal has recommended landscaping as the first method in raising appraisals and the value in a home. The first impression a prospected buyer sees is the landscaping, even before the home. This has been proven to increase the value for re- sell as well as raise appraisals 7-11 % for home equity loans. They also state that when you drive by a nice estate, the home sets the background and landscaping sets the first impression. Buying Bare Root Nursery Plants is the affordable way to superior quality plants at affordable prices. Our nursery plants are state certified, specimen quality. We can ship bare root Nursery plants from UPS or FedEx at a very reasonable discounted rate (12-17% of total, the more you buy the cheaper freight is).

About Our Nursery Plants Bare Root

Our nursery plants are the same as you would buy at a garden center in a pot but they are bare root with peat moss around the roots . So your not paying for fancy pots or potting soil to dispose of when you finish planting. All nursery plants are also dipped in terasorb gel prior to peat moss being applied. They are then placed in plastic to protect the plants in transit. Planting bare root nursery plants while dormant is a very safe way to plant. Nursery plant costs are down to over 80% less than containerized material. Plus the survival rate is just as good when planting in the dormant months of October - April. Nursery plants are excellent in raising appraisals in homes when reselling or mortgaging. All Bare Root Plants are dug fresh, dipped in Tera - Sorb gel to retain root moisture, roots surrounded with peat moss and wrapped in plastic to retain moisture in transit.Success rate on bare rootdormant trees is 98% plus you save on shipping costs.