Adding value to your home

5th Dec 2012

Most people don't realize that by planting plants and trees you can not only make your home look gorgeous but also add value to your home. Who doesn't love a nice, well groomed yard? Most homeowners want a home that is not only well taken care of on the inside but also on the outside as well. There are many pros that come with taking care of the outside of your home.

For example, adding value to your home - more and more people look at purchasing a home that has a nice, well laid out yard over one that they have to do a lot of maintenance on. Who wants to spend all of their free time landscaping when they have a well laid out plan already to either just maintain or add to? People looking to purchase a home will pay more for a home that already has a nice landscaped yard than one that doesn't. A home with trees that provide large amounts of shade will sell for more. For example, the October Glory Maple provides lots of shade. 

A Home with a landscaped yard generally sale faster - Most people in the market to buy a home already have their mind made up about the home before they even walk in the door after seeing a ugly, soar sight outside of overgrown plants, trees and shrubs as well as weeds or nothing at all!

So, why not spend a little time on your yard and make it worth it in the end by planting trees, plants, shrubs and perennials to your yard versus not?