Adding Water Plants to Your Water Garden

5th Dec 2012

Adding water plants to your water garden can be simple but you will need to follow the planting and installing instructions for each water plant since they may be different.  Once you purchase and bring your plants home you will need to keep them moist until you decide to put them into your water garden. Ferns are a good choice when trying to determine plants around a water feature. 

You will also need to decide which plants you are going to use.  You may want plants around the sides as well as floating water plants inside of your water garden.  Some plants will need to be planted into pots and sat down inside of your water garden so it is very important to read the planting instructions.  You will also want to pick water plants that will be great for the ecological balance in your water garden.  Also a few of the floating plants will help keep the algae down inside of your water garden.  You will also need a pump for the garden because some water plants will need oxygen to live.  A pump will supply the amount of oxygen needed as it aerates the water garden.  Some of the oxygenating plants are Hornwort, Sagittaria, Canadian Pondweed, and Ribbon Grass.  You can also do great by ordering your water plants from an online plant nursery.  They will supply you with information on each water plant and the climates and conditions that it will need to grow.  You will also be able to order in bulk from an online plant nursery and get as many plants as you will need. Plants that climb or creep over rocks and mulch look good around water features.