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Alnus Serrulata

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Alnus Serrulata, Hazel Alder

The purposes of this plan vary, which makes it an ideal plant for anyone's garden. Ranging from 8 to 13 feet tall and 6 inches wide, the shrub-like plant got its name from, Alnus Serrulata, from the worlds scientist. With its dark green leaves spreading from 2 - 4 inches full and small toothed edges, the Alnus prefers wet areas where it protects the soil from erosion and balances the natural ecosystem its located in. While these plants take about a decade to grow and require about 5 feet to grow sufficiently, their medical applications are nothing short of amazing.

The bark from Alnus Serrulata is often used as a remedy for diarrhea in both children and adults, cures a cough in the flu season, toothache relieve when needed, helps with birth contraction pains as well as just for making tea, which makes it a useful plant all around. The medicinal plant also treats Astringent, Diuretic, Emetic ophthalmic and other symptoms. Meanwhile, the Alnus Serrulata plant's natural environment is wet surroundings; they add beauty to every garden. Daily watering this plant is highly recommended but can be easily avoided if planted in wet areas. By choosing to add this magnificent plant to your garden makes your garden serve broader purposes, among nourishment an beauty you will have medical resources.

Being Monoecious, producing male and female plants, these forest-like shrub plants can reproduce themselves. No replanting or buying more after purchase. Although this plant bares fruit-like cones, which is where the seeds grow, they are not for eating. Adding to the elegance of your garden the Alnus comes from a large family of Betulaceae plants primarily in Florida and Texas. Once ordered, this plant begins with the roots contained perfectly, ready to be planted in any location you wish.


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Hazel alder it is a woody shrub that can easily be pruned to resemble a small tree. Featuring finely-toothed leaves and droopy yellow catkins, the Hazel alder adds an exciting element to landscape and attracts birds and other wildlife.

In the winter this plant loses its leaves (though occasionally they remain but wilt) and presents with red, brown, or grey bare limbs. The Hazel alder prefers wetland conditions, multiplies, and can adapt to subpar soil and sun. A versatile plant can be found as far south as Florida and as far north as Canada.