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Amelanchier Arborea

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Downy Serviceberry - Amelanchier Arborea

Downy Serviceberry, a common name for Amelanchier Arborea; an early flowering, deciduous, small tree with large shrub and typically grow 15 to 25 inches tall. This is under cultivation, but in the wild, it can reach 40 inches tall. It is a Missouri native plant occurring mostly in wooded slopes, bluffs, and rocky woods. Serviceberry features five-petaled, slightly fragrant, showy, white flowers that are in drooping clusters and appear before the emergence of leaves in early spring. Their obovate, fine-toothed like leaves exhibit attracting good fall of the color. Flowers give away to the small, green berries that are round, then turn red and at maturity becomes purplish-black at the start of summer. The edible berries look like the blueberries both in color and size and become often used to make jams, pies, and jellies. Amelanchiers are sometimes commonly known as Juneberries.

Easy to grow in medium, average, soil that is well drained in the full sun and part shade. Have soil tolerance of full range. They are familiar with root suckers, and should be removed; if not removed then it will end up having shrubby growth habitat for the plant. Amelanchier Arborea as best utilized as shrub borders, in the woodland, native or naturalized garden plants, especially having shaded or dark backdrops and tends to highlight the form, the flowers and the fall color of the plant. They become effective if put along the banks' stream and ponds.

They lack serious problems affecting them. Diseases like leaf spot, rust, powdery mildew, and firelight are just occasional. Occasional insects affecting them are sawfly, borers, scales and leaf miners.

It brooms early during spring. It can be identified easily as the leaves have hair on the underside. Differs from the others as it has beautiful teeth that are along the leaf margin extending to the base. Quality fruit and valuable but inferior to other species fruits. Their hardwood and heavy was used earlier in making tool handles.

Downy Serviceberry is a large deciduous shrub that presents remarkable and delicate flowers in early spring. It gets its common name from the fine layer of light hairs which grow on leaves before seasonal maturity. A sun-loving plant that may be trained to resemble a small tree.

It features a grey ornamental bark with a red cast of color which pairs well with wine-colored fall foliage. The downy serviceberry, sometimes called Juneberry among other names, features small, sweet, edible berries and does well in a range of soils and growing conditions.