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American beech tree for sale

American Beech

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Latin Name- Fagus Hardy Planting Zone- 4-8 Mature Height- 66-115 ft Width- 25-40 Sun or Shade- Full Sun to Partial Shade
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American Beech - Fagus Grandifolia 



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The American Beech Trees, Fagus grandifolia, are slender, long, and pale with chestnut-brown buds. To the early settlers, this tree was a sign of fertile soil which was quickly removed by plowing for farming for food. These trees are visible in the winter, and this same tree that is smaller is called the European Beech Tree which is located all over the US. Other attributes of the American Beech tree are as follows:

Hardy Planting Zone- as mentioned before, this tree is located all over the US. It is mainly found throughout the woods, and it grows in an oval-like shape.

Mature Height- this maturity height of this tree is 50 to 70 feet.

Soil Requirements- the American Beech Tree grows in moist, loamy, acidic, clay, well-drained, and sandy soils, and it's susceptible to drought. Thus, the soil should be wet and drain but should obtain a minimum of six hours of unfiltered and direct sunlight on a daily basis.

Growing Speed- it grows anywhere from 12 to 24 inches in height annually.

Uses in Landscaping- this tree provides great shade against sunlight. It consists of durable and sturdy wood used for making furniture, flooring and other wood-like items. The smaller version of this tree, called the European Beech Tree, is used as an ornamental tree. It's also an excellent feeding source for many types of birds and mammals because of their nuts. This tree has great wildlife value.

Whether wanting a wonderfully looking, oval-shaped tree in your backyard or larger area, the American Beech tree is the way to go. With this tree, you will be the envy of your neighborhood as your landscape outshine others.