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Aquarium Moss

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Aquarium Moss

It is a good experience to see Aquarium moss at it grow slowly between the wood and the rocks in an aquarium. The aesthetic value they bring in your aquarium cannot be overlooked. The dense and thick mosses that are attached to the driftwood, or sometimes formed to look like a carpet might represent a swampy forest you would wish to recreate. There are different types of aquarium moss, which can suite well in your aquarium project. Below are some types of aquarium moss that you can consider to use.
1. Mini Taiwan Moss is the best most for those who are beginning and those who are experts in aquarium. It is easy to take care of it since it requires low light and can survive in humid heat and cold temperatures.
2. Flame Moss is a native type of Taiwan. It grows vertically similar to that of a fire flame. It has low carbon dioxide but requires a lot of lighting. For it to do well, it has to be placed in an aquarium that has less than 27 degrees temperatures.
3. Christmas Moss can create an important foliate appearance for the Bonsai driftwood. The plant is not demanding hence, it requires less maintenance and care. Those with Dutch style and hardscape aquariums should use this type of moss. The plant easily grows without light; however, it should not be kept in a place where there is no water or in the hot sun.
4. Rose Moss is best for people who do not have water in their aquariums. It does not need specific light intensity for it to grow. It is an easy type of moss for most people to use since it is easy to maintain. The only thing that you need to do is attaching to a drift or a rock for it to form the moss wall. Although, its growth rate is slow when compared to other type of mosses.


Aquarium Moss is seen most often floating in the tank. They do not need to be held down by a large rock although it is an option. They can be placed in a tank of water and left alone. They can be put with water with aquatic life or without. More homeowners are creating aquariums with just plants because they need the little cleaning and little maintenance. Most aquatic plants can create their nutrients in the water that it aids in getting rid of algae and keeping it down to a minimum.