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Aquarium Wood 12-14"

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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

Aquarium Wood 12-14”

Aquarium Wood is a beautiful piece to create a spectacular aquarium where fishes and other aquatic wildlife can call their home. It is also great to have small aquatic plants around and provides a very natural look and appearance when it is all arranged. Aquarium Wood also offers a lovely place for fish to hide and seek protection as they may feel threatened by other fish in the tank. This provides a great look, and these pieces are all unique and different in sizes and lengths. They also vary in colors as they are harvested from freshwater ponds and sometimes salt water locations. Online Plant Nursery is a great place, and these pieces can be ordered from the convenience of your home. They arrive and are ready to use and display in a lovely aquarium. They are also very affordable and is a great way to bring an aquarium to life.