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Arrowhead Plant

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Latin Name- Sagittaria Latifolia Hardy Zone- 5-10 Mature Height- 1-4ft Width- 60cm-2ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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Arrowhead Plant - Sagittaria latifolia

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Arrowhead - Syngonium podophyllum


The Arrowhead is a plant that is grown as a houseplant because it is only hardily grown in zones 10 through 12.
It starts as a small, relatively contained plant, with short, arrow-shaped leaves. But, as it matures, its leaves will grow and lobe, becoming 12 inches long, with vines that creep to several feet long. On average, healthy arrowheads can have vines around 3 feet long, but it’s possible to see them grow as long as 10 feet as well.
Arrowhead plants require rich and well-drained soil. They need to be water thoroughly but also allowed to dry between watering times slightly. The arrowhead thrives best when placed in an area with bright but indirect sunlight, with temperatures around 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping the Arrowhead growing in an area above 60 degrees Fahrenheit is essential. It is recommended that Arrowheads are held in the regions that are provided a little bit of humidity so that their leaves do not wilt or dry out, as this can cause damage.
Arrowheads do not have blooming flowers, but instead, their beauty comes from the way their leaves and vines grow and shape.
While the Arrowhead plant is a relatively easy plant to care for, it does require some attention aside from just watering it. The Arrowhead’s leaves can be toxic if ingested. This means that, especially if animals or small children who would come into contact with the plant are around, it may be best to prune and cut the growing vines to keep them from becoming so unruly that a child or pet could easily have access to the toxic leaves.
A healthy Arrowhead plant, when planted with a moss stick to allow it to grow up properly, will often reach a height on average of 6 feet, with a 2-foot widespread.


The Broadleaf Arrowhead, also known as Duck Potato, Indian Potato, and Wapato, has a tuber eaten by native Americans. It grows in colonies near water. It has thin, white roots. Wedge-shaped leaves on this plant are edible to ducks and geese and other type wildlife. Blooms white in summer and has purple stalks in fall.