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Autumn Red Maple

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Latin Name- Acer Rubrum Hardy Planting Zone- 4-11 Mature Height- 40-50 ft Width- 25-30 ft Sun or Shade- Partial Shade

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Autumn Red Maple

The autumn red maple (Acer rubrum)is one of the most common but visually appealing trees, carrying names such as “swamp,” “water,” or “soft maple.” The “autumn flame” belongs to the Dicot group of the Aceraceae family, a perennial plant that lets its leaves fall annually in hardy zones of 3-9, which is a collective of US plants. It is easily recognizable by the “samaras” or surrounding winged seeds that ripen and are eaten by squirrels. It can grow up to 60x45 feet quickly and in almost any type of soil, making it an easily likable tree.
Although the tree can grow in weighty wet soil, hence the synonymous names, areas of draught should be avoided unlike environments of medium moisture. It can also grow in drier, higher altitudes and with soils such as shale, granite, sandstone, limestone, and quartzites. Autumn flames are compatible with black ash, black gum, cottonwood, sugar maple, beech, black cherry and birch trees.
Maples grow best underneath the full sun. It is noted for its oval shape and commencement of spring. The tree is one of the first to turn color with early flowering. In summer, the leaves are large and star-shaped in green with white hairs and turn into brilliant tones of red, orange and yellow in fall, for which it is popularly known. The lush leaves are often used as shade trees by animals and humans alike.
The plant has various uses besides for landscaping, in which it can grow by riverbanks or by streets. Early man used the extract tannin for its color, and still today it can be utilized for a small amount of sugar. The soft bark, smooth and grey throughout its life, is made into furniture and other building components. It is also used for saw timber and pulpwood. For plantation, nurseries can often be relied on.
For many of its traits, the autumn red maple tree is a trustworthy plant. Its adaptability and growth rate makes it an attractive species to add to any environment. Trees are an essential part of the general life cycle, and therefore must be valued and respected. Grow, breathe, live.