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Bamboo plant

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Bamboo – Barnbusa Vulgaris


Bamboo Plants Are Easily Grown

Bamboo plants are a garden plant of the evergreen variety. They are easy to care for and do not require a lot of water. They are used in gardens in many ways and add an exotic feel to any backyard. They can be used as a hedge or screen to add privacy to your yard or in any number of garden arrangement. Bamboo can grow in almost any type of climate and can last for many years. They come in a wide range of sizes which includes dwarf bamboo and timber bamboo which is giant sized. Running bamboo multiplies and can spread over a wide range, and this has caused many people to believe that all bamboo is not suitable for gardens. The right type must be planted for you to be able to maintain its growth. A variety called clumping bamboo is much more suited to backyard gardens. It grows slowly and does not spread.


Bamboo plants can also be grown in small containers inside the home as well as outside. Placing a number of them in your landscaping will help you to showcase your other garden plants. They are also known by many cultures to bring luck to their owners. They have also been grown to become bonsai trees. The stems are comfortably shaped and can be pruned to interlace with each other. Bamboo trees can also be pruned back into topiaries. The underleaves are removed leaving only clumps of leaves at the top. When planting bamboo trees as a screen, they should be planted in the area approximately 2 to 3 feet apart. This allows them to spread out and create the coverage you need. Pruning them back will stop any further growth into areas you do not want it. Once they have been planted, they will require very little maintenance.


One of the fastest growing plants in the world. It is considered a first grass; individual canes may live for up to ten years. This ornate plant is unique among grasses for its extended breaks between flowerings. Some species flower less than once a century! Bamboo makes a great addition to any landscape where privacy is needed as its thick, straight stalks act like a partition of unwanted noise and scenery. Its beauty is timeless and elegant. Often used in crafts and home furnishing, bamboo is a versatile plant that even makes a great fishing pole in a pinch!