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Beech Ferns

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Botanical Latin Name: Phegopteris hexagonoptera (Thelypteris hexagonoptera) Common Name: Broad Beech Fern Sun Exposure: Partial to Full Shade Hardiness Zones: 5 to 9 Mature Height: 1.5 to 2 feet Spread: 1.5 to 2 feet Spacing: 9 to 12 inches Gr

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Beech Ferns

Beech ferns are a perennial fern consisting of asymmetrical tufts of compound leaves. The deciduous leaves are made directly from scattering rhizomes during the spring. Beech ferns grow from a creeping rootstock that sends up individual fronds into clumps. The fronds are full triangle shapes that provide an elegant look to your garden or landscape. They can most commonly be found in parts of Canada and the United States. The Beech fern makes an excellent garden plant and will gradually fill in a bed.

The compound leaves can grow 3/4 to 1 1/4 inches long and about the same size across. Every compound leaf has 10 to 20 pairs of leaflets and is fused together at their base by a winged rachis. For every compound leaf, the smallest couple of the leaflet is downward, while the rest of the pairs of leaflets fan out widely. The unique features of the beech fern will make your garden or landscape look authentic. They can be planted where there are medium shaded areas and limited sunlight. This fern likes to grow underneath deciduous trees; however, it can be planted in shaded gardens.

Beech ferns can be found on wooded bluffs, wooded slopes, and upland woodlands. This is a small to medium fern with beautiful leaves. It can be distinguished by its winged rachis that is very strong and connects the leaflets, making a sheet, just as wide as it is long. No matter where you choose to plant your beech fern, it will add beauty to your landscape or garden. Use them as a filler in flower gardens, along shaded tree lines, waterways or shaded sides of a structure. These lovely beech ferns are shipped from our facilities to your door in a matter of days, and ready to be planted.

The beech fern has blade shaped fronds, it is light green, and grows between one and two feet tall. This plant also contains woody, interior fronds that are usually brown and will have the appearance of being scaled. These scales will disappear as the latter seasons draw near. This is a full plant, and very beautiful.
Like most ferns, the beech fern is toxic to grazing animals, so this plant will protect anything that you plant near it.
As a low, full plant, this plant would look best grown at the corners of a flowerbed. It would also make a beautiful border for a vegetable garden. You could use it as part of an edge for your lawn as well. You could group the beech fern amongst other types of ferns for a spectacular showing in front of your home, instead of a hedge.
The beech fern is a medium maintenance plant, will add beautiful color and texture wherever you grow it and will keep away grazing pests.