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Beige Trillium

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Beige Trillium - Trillium Erectum Hardy Planting Zones - 3-7 Sun or Shade - Partial and Full Shade Mature Height - 24" Mature Width - 20" Bloom Season - Spring (April to June) Gardener Status - Beginner

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Beige Trillium -  Trillium Erectum 

The Beige Trillium is an edible perennial that symbolizes compassion, patience, and commitment. This beautiful beige flower has three petals that curve slightly backward and a yellow center. The bulb will darken to an eggshell color as it ages. It blooms between April and June, and the lamp will wither after 2-3 weeks. It gives off an enticing, lemony scent. The flower sits on top of a stalk that about 50 cm tall. At the base of the stem is a bright green triple leaf cluster. These leaves are diamond shaped and taste like sunflower seeds. The beige trillium attracts a variety of wildlife, including deer, butterflies, squirrels, hummingbirds, and bees.

The beige trillium can reach a height of 24” tall and 20” wide. They are a slower growing plant that does well in zones 3-7. These versatile plants need to be planted in partial to full shade in soil that is moist, well-drained and humus rich with a pH below 6.8. They are often used as an accent plant, a ground cover, and to maintain erosion on the sides of hills.

This pretty plant has some medicinal qualities in addition to its beauty. It is traditionally used as a uterine stimulant to induce labor in pregnant women. The roots can be put in water and boiled and then smashed to be put on joints that are swollen and painful. They have also been used as a diuretic, to start menstruation and as an antiseptic. The roots have been boiled in milk to treat dysentery and diarrhea. The raw root can be grated and applied to the eye as a poultice to reduce swelling. The leaves have been used to treat gangrene and ulcers. The bark of the root was used to treat earaches. Native Americans believed that the healing powers of this plant were so dominant that they would talk about the plant with their medicine woman.

Beige Trillium is a tri-leaved perennial related to other three-leaved, flowering plants. It is notable for its unique appearance. This gem features three flesh-colored petals, accented by a triple leaf cluster in an alternating pattern. Beige Trillium, like other varieties, is not cultivated for its fragrance. Instead, it is grown to accent dreary woodland garden beds and to manage erosion along hillsides. A non-imposing beauty is towering atop a single stem.