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Black Cohosh

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Black Cohosh-Actaea racemosa Hardy Planting Zones- 3-8 Sun or Shade – Partial Shade Mature Height - 5-8' Mature Width- 2-4' Bloom Season – Summer Gardener Status- Beginner

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Black Cohosh- Actaea Racemosa

Black Cohosh is known as (Actaea racemosa) in the scientific world. It's part of the daffodil and buttercup family and is a native North American plant.

It's a fast-growing plant that can thrive in a variety of well-drained soil types. It's a beautiful flower that can adorn gardens and natural areas around your home. They do best in zones 4-9 and are relatively drought tolerant.

The Black Cohosh flower can grow anywhere between 12-24 inches tall. It blooms during June, July, and August, and last for three weeks. Its flowers don't have petals. Instead, they look like white cluster pearls.

They also, resemble a large candle that stands out nicely among summers blooms. They hold their color longer than other shade plants. Its stem is narrow and smooth and divides into three parts as it grows.

Its flowers have an unusual smell that some might say is unpleasant. It repels insects like bees, gnats, and flies. In the past black cohosh root was used to treat snakebites. It's also a pollinator and deer resistant.

One stalk can contain dozens of these peal like flowers. As it grows, it takes on a shade of green that gives it a unique appearance, though they tend to fall off shortly after the flowers bloom. Black cohosh is usually found in shaded to partially shaded areas, but it can grow in full sun as well.

This plant not only looks great in the yard but can be used medicinally as well. The extract of this unique plant is believed to help with inflammation and work as a sedative.

Women have been known to use it to help with painful menstrual symptoms and relax the muscles of the uterus. It can also be used to lessen cough spasms that come with bronchitis and pneumonia.

Black Cohosh has homeopathic properties this plant can possess for women. Black Cohosh flaunts its beauty with a candelabra appeal. The Black Cohosh can effortlessly blossom into an average and moist soil. It is recommended that this plant prospers in the organically nutritious dirt. The plant will continuously thrive under these conditions successfully unless the land becomes parched. Black cohosh is vulnerable to vigorous winds.

This original plant produces beautiful white flowers on the top of the plant. You will find that this plant will develop in the early of June until late September and this is due to the plant geographical site. Black Cohosh lasts for approximately three weeks. This luxurious plant provides a needed shade in your garden for you and other plants. It is native to the eastern section of the United States woodlands yet can take on a moderate drought.

Once upon a time, Native Americans would use Black Cohosh for various maladies including snack bites. It is quite known for the medicinal benefits it delivers for a woman going through gynecological ailments. Also, it can relieve pain for arthritis and soothe your throat. This plant can be entirely handled for those who believe in holistic medicine. In fact, you can find Black Cohosh as a dietary supplement in your local pharmacies or stores. The Black Cohosh plant yields a fragrance that can fend off insects.

Thus, you won't see much of an infestation of insects upon this specimen. It is prone to having rust and leaf spots on the plant. This original and unusual plant can present elegance in your garden, and the significance of this plant can be valuable to you and your family.


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Black Cohosh is a wildflower that is known by many names such as Blacksnake or Black Root.  It will produce a white bloom in late spring or early summer. These blooms are like white spikes on the end of very long, slender green stems. The leaves on this plant are a beautiful light green color. One flower is made of many other blooms. This perennial has many herbal properties. It is used in many different conditions. The plant is healthy and hardy.