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Black Willow

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Latin Name- Black Willow/Salix nigra Hardy Planting Zones- Zones 2-8 Mature Height- 30-60 feet Mature Width- 15-25 feet Bloom Season- March and April Sun or Shade- Full sun

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Black Willow Tree - Salix Nigra

The black willow or Saliz nigra originated in the eastern region of the United States. They grow incredibly well in a wet climate although they will tolerate a drier soil. The wood is both supple and soft with many commercial uses. The shape and size vary greatly. The black willow is tall, thin and often shrubby. A cold climate is best to encourage growth. The soil should always be moist, and these trees love the sun. They are often found in the wetlands near the streams. This is why they are also referred to as marsh willows; When several of these trees are planted domestic animals enjoy playing beneath the shade of the leaves.

This beautiful tree will reach heights of thirty to sixty feet. The crowns are lush and often grow on multiple trunks providing a luxurious appearance. The leaves are shaped like a lance, approximately six inches long and vibrant green on both sides. Dangling catkins form every spring. These are tiny flowers without petals. They are a greenish yellow, nearly three inches long and add a sense of ethereal beauty to the branches. The bark is hugely furrowed in black, gray or dark brown.

Due to the lushness of the leaves, this is the perfect tree to establish a beautiful, shady area in the backyard or garden. The black willow will add a lovely touch of color to any garden. These trees will grow exceptionally well if there is a small pond or creek nearby. After the winter, these beauties will attract lazy honeybees because they supply the first taste of pollen and nectar. This tree is one of the very first to bloom in spring. Many people choose to plant several of these trees in the same area. Some people enjoy the shade, others the lushness and beautiful appearance and some enjoy looking up into the height of the branches. Whatever the reason, this tree will add grace to any home.

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The Black Willow is known for the deep color of its bark. It will grow to 3 feet each year. This tree does well is moist and poorly drained soil conditions. It will look great on your lawn, and you will love the shaded areas that it will provide.