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Black Willow Live Stakes

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Latin Name- Salix Nigra Hardy Planting Zones- 2-8 Mature Height- 30-60 feet Mature Width- 15-25 feet Bloom Season- March and April Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Black Willow Tree - Salix Nigra


The Black Willow is famous for its use in landscaping in wet areas, giving it the nickname "Swamp Willow." When planted in a swampy area, the Black Willow's roots will serve as a binder for the mud and clay surrounding it, preventing streams or rivers from washing the earth away. The Black Willow is also very resilient when it comes to flooding and being eaten by animals and insects, with a very splinter-resistant bark. This is the most abundant species of Willow, often growing up to 100 feet tall, with a trunk of 30 inches in diameter. The shiny leaves are a pure green-yellow color and provide the perfect shade in the spring and summer months. Honeybees are attracted to the pollen produced by the dangling, greenish-yellow flower clusters that bloom in the spring. Seeds will fall from the trees, and the wind or water will carry them to their new home. The Black Willow thrives on moist soil but can also tolerate a drier soil, such as a dry Colorado environment. It can reach up to 4 feet in the first year of planting, and live on average 65 years. The Black Willow's bark was once used by the ancient Greeks in tea and medicine and was famous for its pain-killing and fever-reducing effects. These trees are perfect for planting along the stream and relaxing under the shade while enjoying watching the busy honeybees. The Black Willow is also deficient in maintenance, so you can count on these trees to protect your soil from eroding and in the meantime, you don't have to do a thing. You can plant them straight from seeds and provide ample water, or plant a new Black Willow and watch it grow. However you decide to obtain one, you are guaranteed to enjoy its beauty and many attributes.

Black Willow Live Stakes are excellent trees for someone who has little time. This tree is beautiful in any yard. You will love the simple tending this tree requires. It can grow in poorly drained soil and moist conditions. This tree is gorgeous in autumn months because of the color it adds to your lawn.