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Blazing Star

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Blazing Star-Liatris species Hardy Planting Zones- 5-9 Sun or Shade – Full sun Mature Height - 12-48" Mature Width- 24" Bloom Season – late Summer (July-September) Gardener Status- Beginner

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Blazing Star - Liatris

Liatris, or Blazing Star, as it is more commonly known as, is a gorgeous perennial. Its flowers are grown on an unusual spike-shape cylinder and come in blue, pink, lavender, purple, and white. The flowers are clustered together with thin, grass-like leaves. These plants are a bold, colorful addition to any garden or yard. These plants can grow to an impressive four feet in height and up to two feet wide. Blazing Star requires fertile, well-drained to dry soil to thrive along with the full sun. They bloom in the summer and early fall from July until September, creating bursts of color that are sure to thrill. They are a versatile plant that does well in zones three to nine and is known to be deficient maintenance. Blazing Star is a hardy plant that is drought resistant and also has the bonus of being deer resistant. They attract birds and butterflies, make fantastic cut flowers and grow beautifully in containers as well as in the ground. Blazing Star does very well in groups of two or three, but for maximum effect should be planted in groups of four or five. This tall perennial is used for lining the backsides of gardens and flowerbeds to help keep deer out. It is a favorite of both landscapers and gardeners for its low-maintenance, big payoff appeal. It has the unique process of blooming from the top first and traveling down to the bottom of the plant, which makes them ideal for fresh-cut flowers anytime. Blazing Star will create a bold pop of color in any landscaping project or garden and are very good for beginners as they can bounce back very quickly.
These gorgeous plants are shipped to the consumer in their bare root form, so they arrive in top notch condition.