Flower Boquets into Potpourri

5th Dec 2012

Decorate your home with beautiful bouquets of flowers to make the look of any room go from ordinary to extraordinary. Not only will these fresh floral bouquets beautifully decorate a room, but they will also add a lovely scent to the area in your home where they are being displayed. After a few days, you can dry your florals and transform them into beautiful arrangements for your home.

The upside down method is the simplest way to dry your floral bouquets. Wrap a rubber band around the bottom of the flower stems. Hang each bouquet of flowers upside down in a dark closet or cellar for approximately two to three weeks. Make sure the flowers are completely dried before transforming them into stunning centerpieces. Spraying the dried flowers with a little hairspray will help preserve your bouquets.

You can make a variety of lovely arrangements and wreath decor pieces from your dried floral bouquets. You could also display your beautiful dried bouquets as is. Hydrangeas work well to dry. Hang them from a ribbon on a wall that needs that little something, or place the dried floral bouquets across your fireplace mantle for added beauty. If you have some loose petals that have fallen from your dried bouquets, make a homemade potpourri with them. Place the gathered loose petals in a pretty bowl. Add a few drops of scented oil, then gently mix throughout the loose petals. Place this homemade potpourri in an entryway or any place in your home you would like to add a lovely scent.

There are a couples of steps you can take to ensure your dried floral pieces remain beautiful. Place your pieces in areas where they won't be constantly moved or knocked around. Display your dried floral pieces away from extreme heat and sunlight to help ensure the longevity of your beautiful dried floral arrangements for years to come.