Add Berries to Your Home Garden

Posted by Tammy Sons on 28th Dec 2015

Make Berries the Next Addition to Your Home Garden

Berries make a great addition to any home garden. With the vast array of choices, the home gardener can pick the type of berry that best suits his or her climate and his or her individual preferences. Many varieties of plants are durable and have the ability to provide fruit for a long time. The first step is to simply decide on the best plant type. Although there are many more types of berries to choose from, the varieties discussed here include the blackberry, the dewberry, the raspberry, and the blueberry.

The blackberry plant can live for a long time. While this plant requires moisture, be careful not to soak the plant because if the roots become soaked, the possibility of root rot is increased. This plant requires more moisture in the first weeks after planting.

The dewberry is a pretty resilient plant, and it can grow under less than perfect conditions. However, to give the plant the best possible chance at bearing ripe fruit, be careful again of over moisture. Root rot from excess moisture is a real problem for many berry varieties, and the dewberry is among them.


The raspberry plant needs soil that has not been contaminated by other fruits and vegetables. This plant is susceptible to infections left over from previous crops, so if planting in soil that has been previously harvested, be careful to check for the type of plant that had previously grown in the soil. Again with this plant as with those already mentioned, moisture needs to be closely monitored. This plant requires about an inch of water every week to thrive.

The blueberry comes in many varieties, so finding one to fit a certain climate can be an easy task. Once the variety has been decided upon, the plant requires soil that has been aerated. This plant also requires a more acidic soil type than the other fruit bearing plants. Before planting the blueberry plant, be sure to check the soil for the proper level of acidity for the specific variety of plant.

While the home gardener can grow berries on the ground, picking the fruit may be more difficult than if the plants are potted and grown in a vertical manner.