Adding color to your garden

Posted by Trees Plants on 23rd Sep 2014

Bringing a garden to life can be done in a lot of ways. The very best way to bring life into the garden is to add lots of brilliant and bright colors. It can be done in several ways. A gardener or home owner can be sure to choose plants that will bloom and display lots of colorful blooms that can be enjoyed. There are plants that will bloom at different variations of the year. It will be great because a garden will have color all year round. There are several perennials that will also work great. Daffodils, Irises, Coneflowers and Lilies are great ones, and they will grow back each spring and summer and will be gorgeous. They will also multiply and give more flowers each year they bloom. The irises, lilies and coneflowers come in a variety of colors, red and yellow to name a few of them. These are outstanding flowers and do well in flower gardens. 

They will also do well as a border plant for sidewalks and driveways. Other colorful plants are baneberry, begonias, impatient plants and coleus. There are a wide variety of colorful plants to choose from when wanting to brighten up an area or garden. They need little maintaining and will grow with almost no maintenance or care at all. The home owner will need to make sure that the plants will receive the right amount of water especially during the summer when things are so dry on those hot days. Color can also be added by adding colorful landscaping rocks and mulch to the garden area. Those tiny rocks will look great when scattered and used around colorful flowering perennials. Also some bright, colorful containers, statues and garden furniture can be placed around in a large garden area, and it will look stunning. Bring a lawn to life and will also bring great curb appeal to a home and lawn. Also, brightly colored green plants will also look great in a natural area.

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