Adding Water Features

5th Dec 2012

Adding water features and fish to you water garden will bring it to life.  You can add that personal touch by adding a water fountain or a water fall to your water garden at very little cost.  You can also add some fish that will give it that special touch.  If you are going to be adding fish to your pond make sure that the water is safe for them before adding them.  If you are on city water you will need to add a de-chlorinator to the water to make the water safe for the fish.  You will want to make sure that the fish are use to the water before adding them.  Fill a bucket with water from your pond once your water is ready and place the fish inside of the bucket.  You can sit the bucket into the pond so that the water in the bucket and pond will become around the same temperature.  You can add a little pond water every so often to the bucket.  Once they are the same temperature you can add them safely to the pond. You can add that special waterfall by placing a few stones at the area you would like the waterfall to be.  Make sure that the stones are secure so they will not fall.  You will need to purchase a pump so that you will have a way to get the water to the top of the waterfall.  This is very simple to do and will be a great added attraction to your water garden.