Building a compost bin

Posted by Trees plants on 10th Sep 2014

Although you can buy a composting bin or container from your local nursery or hardware store, one can make theirs at home that can be much less costly. Having a container for your compost is a great way to help control the size of the compost as well as keep unwanted creatures and other animals from visiting the area. Animals will always seize the opportunity for free food. You can use recycled treated wood. You will want to make sure that is has been treated with non-toxic materials so it does not mess with the organic material breaking down. It will be harmful to the compost as well as when you use it to grow your fruits and vegetables. To build you own you will need four sections of wood that are four feet each of two by fours and twenty-three foot sections of one by six boards. The two by fours will be hammered into the ground in a square shape that will form a three square foot container. Each corner post needs to be three feet apart. Next, you will need to add five boards to each side securing the ends at the corner posts you have already placed. There needs to be room in between each board you place to allow air to get into the compost so that it can break down properly and produce the amazing produce you are looking. You can use plywood or other flat lumber to make a lid for the compost bin. You can also build your bin using pallets whether they are new or old does not matter. You can nail or screw them together into a square shape. You will only need four pallets to do this, and you can even add a fifth one to give the container a bottom if you wish, but it is not required. You can also use wire mesh with the wood to make a container that will allow for much oxygen to get in and do its work. No matter what you build, it will serve you well.