Building a Raised Bed

Posted by Trees Plants on 22nd Sep 2014

Raised beds are a great way to garden. They are also solutions to many problems that come with traditional gardening such as weeds and water logged soil conditions. It is also great because they are closer to you than to the ground, and the ground will warm quicker for earlier planting in the spring and summer months of the year. Here are some tips on how to make your own raised bed. The first thing you need to do is decide where the bed or beds will be located and how big they will be. If you are new to this, just try a simple four by four sized bed. After you have figured this out, you will need to rake and level the area so that your bed will be even. Next you will need to make the walls for the bed. For the corners, you will need four one foot long four by four boards. You will also need eight four foot long two by sixes for the sides and four two foot long two by twos for the center. 

Start with the corners and then move to making the sides. When you finish placing the boards, you should have an even, level structure. The bed frame should be a square once you are finished constructing. Run a tape measure across the bed in a diagonal fashion and make sure everything is level and even. Next, take some smaller stakes and place them around the structure to make it even more sturdy and durable. After your structure is complete, fill the area with topsoil and a combination of compost. It will be a great addition to your top soil and will further help your plants and flowers become established. Add some water to the area to fully prepare it for planting. Next you can begin to add your plants. As with anything else you do in your garden, make sure you have a plan. You will also want to make sure that each and every plant has enough room to grow and develop properly. Adding blueberry bushes or blackberry bushes work well in raised beds. Happy raised bed gardening!