The Many Benefits Of Planting California Privet Plants

The Many Benefits Of Planting California Privet Plants

Posted by Tammy Sons on 28th May 2018

It's a Hedge, It's a Border, It's an Evergeen! California Privet Hedge - Ligustrum ovalifolium 

The California Privet Hedge is also known as the Ligustrum ovalifolium. This plant with rather showy white flowers is native to Japan and Korea. Many private homes in those countries are surrounded by this very beautiful flowering privacy hedge. If your ideal hedge is one that grows to about 15 feet tall and wide with elegant white flowers, the California Privet Hedge is one to consider. In addition, you will not have to wait long for the showy hedge to develop to full coverage because it is considered a very fast growing hedge. 

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This plant is a favorite privacy hedge in many communities, due to the fast growth rate and the beautiful white flowers produced by the hedge in the spring or early summer. In addition, the dark green foliage looks very beautiful as a backdrop. It is also interesting to note that the California Privet Hedge produces small black fruits which birds love to snack on during their growing season. This privacy hedge prefers a hot and dry climate. Therefore, those that live in areas that have climates like California or Florida should consider this plant. Under the right conditions, this plant is a very fast grower and will make an excellent privacy fence that lasts for many years into the future. The plant grows best in Zone 4 to 9. It is important to note that the California Privet Hedge grows much slower in colder climates.

The California Privet Hedge prefers growing in full sunlight to partial shade. Make sure that you have just the right spot for optimal growing conditions. The plant quickly grows to ten to fifteen feet at maturity and blooms in the summer, producing small white flowers and black fruit. In addition, this plant prefers dry soil. The privet hedge will require several trimmings throughout the season to help it maintain it's shape and an attractive form.