Create an Escape With Topiary Mosses

Posted by Trees Plants Nursery on 25th Jun 2014

Topiaries are a great addition

Topiaries are beautiful additions to your home and garden that you can make with some simple items from your own home! One way to make this is using a coat hanger. Grab some coat hangers, a cute container or pot and some ivy and watch how this transforms into something amazing! Straighten out the curved end of the hanger and then stretch the body of the hanger into a circle shape. You will need to do this to two coat hangers. Next you will take the two circles and wrap green florist wire around the bottoms until they fit tightly together. Twist the hanger circles together and create a sphere like shape with these.

After you have created this three dimensional shape, use the green florist wire to fasten these together at the top as well. Remove any unwanted leaves from the ivy and place this along with soil into your container. Next, put a coat hanger project into the ivy. Use finishing touches, take the vines on your ivy plant and wrap around the coat hangers until they are completely covered. Now you can enjoy your beautiful masterpiece! Another way to create a topiary using a tree is to prune into the desired shape you want. It may seem like an impossible project, but with patience it can be a beautiful addition to your landscape. Decide what shape you want to do your topiary in and which tree you want to sculpt.

Choose one that is upright and has lots of foliage. Shrub shaped trees are excellent for sphere shaped topiaries. You will also need good pruning shears for this project. If you want a cone shape, start at the top and work your way down. For ball shaped topiaries, you will want to work in the middle so that you can mold the tree into a round shape. Topiaries are a great project for anyone of any skill set and just takes patience and determination!