Creating a Trellis

Posted by Tammy Sons on 5th Dec 2012

You can use your imagination when creating a beautiful trellis for your lawn, garden or walkways. You may want a rounded, squared or even some other odd shaped trellis. These are beautiful when covered or uncovered.

You may want to plant to wonderful flowering vines so that it will just cover your trellis and create a beautiful flowering decoration for your lawn or landscape. These are great also to attract wildlife such as hummingbirds and butterflies that will feed on the plants nectar. You will be amazed at how relaxing it will be to watch these little creatures as they fly around from bloom to bloom. You may also want to use have a plain trellis to add beauty to your lawn. These are beautiful when used at the beginning of a walkway that is leading up to your house. Trellis are also great ideas to cover an open patio where you enjoy grilling out with your family. They also make great ideas to use to hold a beautiful swing for you to enjoy. You can make these as large or small as you would like. So go ahead and start sketching that beautiful trellis that you are dreaming about. You can just let your imagination flow when designing this for your lawn or gardens. You can also order those great flowering vines and perennials to plant around your trellis to create that natural look and you can enjoy the beautiful blooms that they will produce for you. Creeping Phlox works well around a trellis.