Creeping Myrtle

Posted by Trees Plants on 29th Sep 2014

The flowers will be small in size but will still bring much color and beauty with them. It is also known as periwinkle vinca minor, and even though many use it as a ground cover, it is mostly categorized as a spreading vine. It grows well in climate zones three through eight and is also used to repel deer and other wildlife. The dark green foliage on the plant coupled with the purple flowers is simply breathtaking, especially in the areas of your garden where other plants and flowers will not grow. The require little in the way of maintenance. All they really need is soil with good drainage and partial to fully shaded conditions. 

This plant will only reach heights of anywhere between three to six inches and can spread up to eighteen inches. This plant is simply unmatched in its category. It is deer resistant, drought resistant as well as pest resistant. If is not enough, it is also extremely hardy and will grow most anywhere. It means that you can bring color to those dim and dull areas of your landscape or garden and transform them into something amazing and colorful. The Creeping Myrtle is just breathtaking in addition to being an amazing plant. If you have an area that is dull in your garden, try planting this there and see what happens!

Some other small perennials that one can use is the Black Eyed Susan or Buckeye