Driftwood - Perfect For Landscaping and More

Posted by Tammy Sons on 13th Nov 2015

Aquarium driftwood are uniquely shaped remnants from the trunks of trees or branches of trees. They are harvested from streams or lakes and are worn down by water erosion or possibly sand blasted by wind erosion. They are highly sought after and help promote natural behavior of your fish. Although it may seem fun to go find your own, it's best to buy driftwood so you know that there are no outside chemicals that have come into contact with it. When you buy driftwood from us you will know that it is safe for your fish and plants, it will not age or rot, and will not contain any harmful toxins. You don't want to hurt your fish unintentionally!

Before adding any of this wood to your aquariums/terrariums, you will need to make sure your tank is a suitable size to allow your fish adequate room to swim after the wood is placed inside. The wood will normally sink to the bottom of your tank. Sometimes you will need to let it sit in the water to become more weighted. Some aquarium enthusiast's will take measurements and even draw out how they want their aquariums to look when finished. Although this helps with proper placement and diminishes crowding of fish and wood, it's not necessary. 

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There are many benefits to having aquarium driftwood. It is highly porous, will promote growth of beneficial bacteria and it will stimulate a proper ecosystem. Because it's so highly porous, it works as an additional filtration system too! It keeps fish healthier by breaking down their by-products into compounds that are less toxic. It can also help maintain a lower pH in your aquariums. It adds a natural beauty and realistic environment for your fish, along with a suitable habitat. It will give your naturally shy fish an ideal spot to hide and your breeding fish the shelter they need. It will divide space between the docile and the more aggressive fish for a safer environment for all.
If you have Pleco, this wood will definitely be beneficial to them. The pleco will keep your wood rasped down, and some species of pleco actually require wood in their diet! So for those of you who have pleco, this should be a staple for their every day nourishment.

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Tannic acids are also found in this wood. The acids are released into the water from the wood which portrays native conditions for many types of fish. In return, this allows for a healthier and less-stressed fish. Almost all fish tanks can benefit from driftwood being placed inside. It can be a critical accessory for those who wish to design a tank to emulate "blackwater" habitats of the Amazon river.

There are so many reasons to buy driftwood today for your tank! Whether it be for your home, office, or anywhere else, you will enjoy many days of being able to watch and get up close with these amazing creatures and see how wonderful they really are. Your fish deserve the best and you've come to the right place!