Feeding the birds

Posted by Trees Plants on 25th Sep 2014

Birds will come and stay in an area where there is a food source as well as safety. Try to find plants and trees that will produce these natural sources of food throughout the year so that the birds have a constant source of food. Feeding the birds is urgent through the cold months. Also remember that every bird has a preference on what they enjoy for a meal so be sure to have a variety of different things for each bird to enjoy and snack. 

For example, some birds may love to nibble on sunflower seeds while other birds may prefer berries. Some experts even recommend making fat balls during the winter months of the year to give a large source of calories to the birds at one time. Also, make sure that you have a variety of places for the birds to feed. Add some bird's feeders and plant your food sources in various places. It will give all the birds some space and reduce the fighting for territory that comes with some species of birds. Make sure all the plants your put out are not harmful to birds and that everything is safe during the month. Putting out some birds houses will also bring the birds in and give them a sense of home in addition to the food you are providing. Birds are beautiful and a great addition to your landscape, so make sure to give them everything they need to feel at home.

Black Cohosh, spirea and creeping myrtle attract different types of birds.