Home Gardens Have Many Rewards

Posted by Tammy Sons on 15th Oct 2015

Experience Relaxation and Enjoyment in Gardening at Home

It's time to garden! While gardening can be a year-round activity those warm spring and summer months are the times when you just can't resist becoming involved with fragrant flowers, shimmering shrubs and vibrant vegetables. These months will provide you with wonderful memories of bringing those perennials, annuals, ground covers and other beautiful plants into brilliant bloom.

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Playing in the dirt is an activity that many people never seem to outgrow. Having the chance to get your fingers dirty as you dig rows in a veggie garden is a chance to indulge your inner child. Whether you are potting flowers for those indoor containers or transplanting young seedlings into a vegetable bed you will experience an amazing amount of fun and enjoymentin gardening activities.

You can use your imagination to create a masterpiece of color and textures even if you only plan to garden on a very small scale. Combine trailing vines with spiky grasses and add bold pops of color with some wicked red dianthus. Pair low-growing oregano with spicy bee balm and create a lovely, maintenance free oasis that will attract both birds and bees.

With a few carefully selected garden plants you can create a scenic landscape that will compliment your yard. You can even mix ferns and perennials to bring some much-needed texture and curb appeal to a shady garden site.

Choose any location for your gardening pursuits. You can grow a wide variety of perennials and annuals in a windowbox. Consider adding a combination of silvery green ferns to amp up the drama of that monochromatic garden bed. Green, silver and shades of grey can bring more interest to any flower bed and it is easy to add these colors when you choose garden plants such as ivy, hostas, Dusty Miller and feathery grasses.

Once you experience the enjoyment in gardening you will want to learn as much as possible about how to maximize the use of ground covers, tall grasses, mounding plants and sunny, colorful annuals in your home environment. Just remember that a garden is always going to be a work that continuously evolves. It is always a work that is in progress. This on-going transformation is one of the attributes that makes gardening such a magical and enjoyable pastime.

Grow Your Own Salad Bar at Home

Most people would agree that there is nothing better than a nice salad made from fresh ingredients. The problem is few have the time to run to the local grocery store or fresh produce stand every time they’re craving one. Of course, people could always take up gardening and grow their own salad. After all, growing one’s own salad only takes a few easy steps from planting the seeds to enjoying the delicious rewards.

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Choosing the Garden Location

The first step is determining where to put the garden. If planting outside, there are some things to consider like lighting and soil. In some cases, a window box garden is preferable, particularly if one doesn’t have suitable land for gardening. Containers make excellent planters for indoor gardens. All one has to do is find a place that is out of the way but has plenty of light, such as in the area of a sunny window.

Prepping the Garden

Whether one is growing a garden inside or outside, both have the same basic needs. First and foremost is quality soil or rich compost. This may be the reason one opts for window boxes if one’s land lacks suitable soil. One should also ensure the garden has good drainage or runs the risk of destroying the crop. If one decided to use containers, take the time to ensure they have drain holes.

Planting Time

Finally, the time has come to plant. Of course, one must first decide what to grow and how long before the garden is ready. Lettuce generally takes 60-70 days, depending on the species, while onions are ready in 55-60 days. Some produce should be planted at a specific time of the year, cucumbers and tomatoes best when planted in March. One may also want to consider sowing lettuce seeds about every two weeks, ensuring there is no shortage.

Fertilizing and Watering

Plants need food and water just as people do, fertilizer and regular watering crucial to a successful garden. If one prefers an organic garden, one might want to consider creating compost. For watering needs, one should read the seed packets, some produce requiring more moisture than others. After all, while lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cucumbers make great ingredients for a mouthwatering salad, they vary greatly on watering and fertilizing needs. After that, all that is left is to dine on the sweet rewards.

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