How Not To Avoid Your Co-Worker Bully

Posted by Tammy Sons on 13th Jun 2017

Ever thought of working for yourself because there are so much bullying at your workplace? Man I have! It's so dis-tasteful when you come on a new job, be the best you can be and then end up the victim of someone over-powering and never see's you as the person you are.

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I try hard to be nice to this "person" but no matter what I did, she was still on my case constantly. She was the floor leader and I was a hired secretary. Her job was to manage the worker's on the floor. My job was to keep up with reports from each worker regarding their production, answer phones and take messages in which I did a fabulous job at. She would knit-pick at anything and everything I'd do. Then one day, she pushed the wrong button with me.

Before I knew it, she'd called me out of my name. I jumped up in her face and pushed her back about 20 feet, chest to chest and I told her an ear full to say the least. That was the first day of my accepting my position and actually learning to like my job and not come home and cry like a 6th grader getting harassed by the class bully. It felt good to give her that much needed peace of my mind. She cried and apologized to me after all the drama had built up in me for 11 months came out in less than 4 minutes. It felt relieving. I didn't enjoy seeing her cry nor her pain but I felt empowered by telling her the flat-footed truth.

Today, 9 years later this lady is not only my closest confidant she is my best friend. There sometimes is a rainbow and the end of an emotional storm. She's there when I need her and she's closer to me than my own blood family.

I thought this was worth sharing. Sometimes, you got to say, there is a limit as to how much I will and can take and stand by that. I am so thankful she pulled my trigger that day. It led for a great and enduring friendship.