How To grow Carrots

Posted by Trees-Plants Nursery on 11th Aug 2014

Growing Carrots

Carrots are delicious and can be thrown into almost any dish to add flavor and color. Before planting these, choose a variety that best suits the soil conditions in your area. Start these indoors about three to four weeks before the frost hits. One can even plant additional ones outdoors once the temperature of the soil has begun to warm up. Mix fertilizer into the soil for added nutrients and to help the plants become established at a quicker rate. Remove any debris from the area before planting such as rocks or branches. For sweeter carrots, add a thin layer of wood ash to the seedbed and work it in the soil and rake the area smooth. Plant the seeds about a fourth of an inch deep and space them around four inches apart for better growth. When weeding this area or cultivating, be careful not to disturb the plants and add mulch about six weeks after planting to prevent the roots becoming exposed to the sun that will give carrots a bitter taste. Carrots are not prone to insects and pests rarely seem to bother it, but regular checking and maintenance will prevent any problems such as these. In about two to three months, carrots are ready for their harvest! You can even leave this in the ground until one is ready to harvest for food. Leaving carrots in the ground for extended periods of time will not harm them. They are half inch in diameter when they are ready to be picked. Before harvesting, a good watering will help to loosen the soil and make for easier harvesting. Pull these by the greens at their crowns and give a gentle pull while twisting. The carrots should come right out, and you can enjoy your bounty!