Landscaping With Perennials

Landscaping With Perennials

Posted by Tammy Sons on 26th May 2017

Perennial plants are plants that are planted once and will continually return year after year. Many can be low maintenance. Some common perennials are the Hosta, hydrangea, butterfly bush, and ornamental grass. Hostas have beautiful and full foliage. There are several varities of hosta plants. Some hosta plants have very deep green colored leaves while others have lighter green leaves. Hostas do best in organic soil that has a slightly acidic pH. Hostas can thrive in sun or shade but prefer a mix of both. Hosta plants do well in growing zones 3 to 9 because they are a highly adaptable perennial. Hydrangea are a shrub plant that commonly bloom in the summer and fall. They can be grown in flower beds or in pots.

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Hydrangea come in a variety of colors from blue, purple, white and pink and have dark green leaves. They grow best in growing zones 4 to 9. Hydrangea grow best in full morning sun and partial afternoon shade and prefer a rich and porous soil. Butterfly bushes produces many varieties of color blooms. Common bloom colors are a reddish purple, purple, yellow, orange, blue and white. These bushes are known to attract caterpillars. They require well drained soil and full sun, they can grow up to twelve feet in height in warmer states.

Butterfly bushes do best in growing zone 8. They will require some thinning out over time but these make a wonderful colorful addition to landscaping. There are many types of ornamental grass to consider for landscaping. Most ornamental grasses do well in growing zones 4-9. Feather Reedgrass is one of the most popular of the ornamental grasses. It can grow up to 6 feet tall if it is not trimmed back. Many landscapers use this grass to add contrast to flower beds and because it maintains a nice shape.

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