Landscaping with Perennials

5th Dec 2012

Decorating and landscaping with perennials can be fun and you can use your imagination when doing so. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and types.  Virginia Creeper will also come back year after year for you so these will make a great addition to any landscape.  Perennials look fantastic in a flowerbed or a flower garden.  They will add that spark of color and will really brighten an area up during the spring and summer months.  Also they will sometimes attract hummingbirds because of their bright colored blooms.  You will need to make sure that you choose the perennials that will grow best in your climate and soil conditions.  You may even want to treat your soil with a little plant food to feed your perennials and help them grow.  Perennials are also great plants to place on porches and decks.  They will grow very well in containers and flower boxes and require very little maintenance.   You can plant perennials inside barrels or other old rustic containers that you may have around your home.   You will need to make sure that they get plenty of water but do not over water them.  You can also use perennials as a border down your driveway or sidewalk.  You will need to think about what design you would like to use.  This is good because you will know how many plants that you would need to buy.  A great way to purchase perennials is from an online plant nursery.  You will get the cheaper prices from these nurseries when ordering your perennials.